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How do you see Mr. Obama? I can assure you that your vision of what you think he is is completely distorted. What Mr. Obama wants you to see is not a Black man in the white House. He wants you to see how they see him. They don't see an educated gentleman married to an elegant educated attractive lady. They see a Nigger in the White House who brought along his Bitch ass Ho and their two little nappy headed little nigglettes. And you danced in the streets because you thought that you were getting one of you in a position of power. How wrong you were. He is not one of you because he reasons that the only way that we can survive is to become United as a nation comprised as equals under the law.

He is not one of you because his First and only Lady entertains her well mannered daughters with the works of the literary masters. She teaches them to converse in English and to carry themselves as she does, with dignity and grace. And she has introduced America to a staff comprised of some of the most intelligent, beautiful and powerful women of color on this planet, but you missed that because your view was blocked by the shaking, bouncing booty of some brainless colored girl on BET. You did not notice because sadly, he and she are not one of you.

He is not one of you because he is a good man. The good man is someone that they fear and that they don't want to mess with. Why? It's because the eat what they kill and they are always hungry for justice, and they kill often. Mr. Obama is hungry for equal justice for all and he will kill injustice in order to feed that hunger. No, he is not one of you.

Then that brings us to discretion and the Law in Anglo_America. I am not talking about what you think or what you might assume simply because Mr. Obama is in office. He has no such power to change mindsets or existing conditions. he can only attempt to make changes in laws that have been designed to suppress and undermine the unity of a nation.

Take into consideration that discretion has always been at war with the law in Anglo- America, that is, to administer justice consistently and objectively. This implies in fact that there can be no justice for Anfoney, Sha ne' ne', Keshawn and Shequan. It has never been, is not, nor will there ever be sensitive to individual differences. The punishment. under the law, when it comes to people of color, does not and has not fit the crime.

The Anglo-American, historically, has tempered the law by shifting emphasis from one feature to the other. One can say that shifting is more in the legal writing of various times than in actual administration of justice. that would be equal justice for all. The fact of the matter is that in Anglo-America, true justice exist only for the Anglo American, be they Po White trash, middle class White Bigots or upper class rich white government official who don't even fain at not being racist
and above the laws that they themselves enact.

If you are not yet aware of these facts, then you must, without a doubt, be one of those Negro's, Latinos, native Americans, Jew's or Asians, that for one distorted reason or another, you think that you are equal to them simply because you are allowed to live in their community and have been educated and are for the moment, gainfully employed. The reality of it is that you will never, ever, be considered equal to the one's that they consider low life Po White Trash.

Sadly you have not come to the realization that no-matter what your status in life, or what you have worked hard to attain to, you are and always will remain in Anglo-America, Niggers, Spicks, Redskins, Grease balls, Wetbacks, and Slope Headed Gooks. Consider also that none of those vile demeaning inferences to minorities exist in any of their native languages. They are Anglo inventions to lower, demean and control those they violate, rape, murder and wrongfully imprison and enslave with injustice and inequality with unbridled impunity.

I hope that I have gotten your attention. Mr. Obama and his First and only Lady hasn't and he is a grand example of who and what we should be as a nation of differences and what we should strive to be, Simply Human!

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