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Muslims and Islam Proliferating in the U.S.

Muslims & Islam Proliferating in the U.S.

    Our Founding Fathers had installed the “Establishment Clause” in the U.S. Constitution because they did not want a repeat of the persecutions that had occurred in England after Henry VIII made the Anglican Church (Episcopalian) the official state religion. Thus, in the 1600s groups like Pilgrims and Puritans immigrated to the American colonies and settled in New England while Catholics did the same thing in Maryland (Mary’s Land). The Freedom of Religion clause described in the First Amendment originally pertained to “Freedom of Judeo-Christian” religious faiths, since our Founding Fathers never imagined that Muslims would someday legally immigrate (invade) into America by the millions. Our 1776 Founding Fathers did not want to see a single Judeo-Christian faith become the official religion of the United States as had occurred with Henry VIII and the establishment of the Anglican Church being England’s official religion in the 1600s. 

   The average American family has an average of 1.5 children per household; whereas immigrating Muslim families to the United States generally have 5 or more children. Sweden, which graciously accepts Middle East Muslim immigrants, is in big immediate trouble, since the population of Sweden is only around 10 million and the Muslim population will soon be burgeoning and taking over the country a generation or two from now. 

1) POTUS Barack Obama had stated that Muslims have always been part of the history of the United States, but to my knowledge, no Muslim had signed either the Declaration of Independence or the United States Constitution. In fact, the first Mosque in the U.S. wasn't built until 1919 in Maine, nearly 150 years after the bloody American Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

2) In the year 2,000, there were 1,209 mosques in the United States. In 2015, the number had grown to 3,186 mosques. 

Here are the states having the most mosques at present: 
California 525 
NY 507 
Texas 302 
Illinois 200 
Florida 186 
Michigan 139 
NJ 104 

3) Nearly 4 million Muslims (low estimate) are now living in the United States and of these, over 100,000 had immigrated in 2015 (Trojan Horse Theory). By 2030 that number will easily more than double to over 10 million if reasonable limits aren’t imposed. Most Muslims in U.S. belong to the Democratic Party, and 68% of Muslims believe that the government should provide more services (free stuff, welfare). 

4) The Islamic faith teaches that "No Muslim should ever speak unkindly or ungently about another Muslim". This is why Muslims do not communicate or cooperate with the INFIDEL police in the U.S. and in Europe. Because of their clannish beliefs and habits, Muslims do not easily assimilate into Western Civilization and tend to live isolated in urban "no-go" ghetto zones. And Columbus discovering America in 1492 was not nearly as significant an event back then as was the Spanish defeating the Moors (Muslims) in Spain, sending the invaders back to Northern Africa, thus saving Christianity and Western Civilization from becoming culturally and politically dominated by Muslims. 

5) Unlike Christianity, the Muslim faith is only one/third of a religion. True, it has a Koran similar to the Judeo-Christian Bible. But a third of Islam (through its mosques) is a system of "Education Indoctrination Centers" where the stern and severe religious teaching is much more militant than the instruction taught in a regular Catholic catechism class. And one/third of an Islamic mosque's function is a "Legal Teaching Center" where Sharia Law is taught as being superior to U.S. Constitutional Law. And let's not forget, Islam has little tolerance for women’s rights or for gays and lesbians. 

6) Sunni Muslims (Saudi Arabia, Iraq) are generally wealthier and better off that Shi'ite Muslims (mostly living in Iran). The Saudis are Arabs and speak Arabic; whereas, the Iranians are Persians and speak Farsi. But both Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims have their own radical elements. For example, most of the terrorists involved in 911 were Saudis. On the other hand, the Shi'ites believe strongly in the 12th Imam, an Apocalyptic figure who had descended into a well around eight hundred years ago and who will emerge at the end of the world to defeat all enemies of Islam. This is why Iran is so dangerous, especially after the recent Iran Nuclear Deal signed by the Obama Administration. The Supreme Leader of Iran and his zealous minions will use the freed-up 150 billion dollars it had received from the U.S. and cause tremendous revolutionary and terroristic havoc all over the world. The Iranians don't have to develop a nuclear bomb; they now (thanks to the Obama Administration) have the money to buy them from North Korea. 

7) Lastly, there are over 1.6 Billion Muslims living on this fragile planet. If only 1% of that population is radicalized, the number of potential terrorists (16 million) is incredibly astronomical, and this realization is not counting the additional millions who easily sympathize with the radicalized and extremely dangerous Muslim zealots. Muslim urban populations tend to be docile until they reach 10% or more of the citizenry, and then cultural conflict surfaces as civilizations clash in big cities when Muslims invoke the “Freedom of Religion” mantra, citing the U.S. Constitution. Muslims will continue to attempt being wily by using the United States Constitution to advance their civilization (Sharia Law) and to thwart the traditional American way of Judeo-Christian life. 

8) President Donald Trump believes that the larger city mosques need to be closely monitored because those places are where Sharia Law is most likely indoctrinated and where Muslim men are being radicalized. When Muslim women wear hijabs and burkas, that garb represents “symbols of submission to male chauvinistic dominance” in Muslim culture. And if you ever see Muslims praying in a mosque or marching in an Islamic procession, notice that the women are in the posterior of the mosque or at the back of the procession. The Muslim faith regards women as being second class human beings that are the property of male privilege and dominance. 

9) In conclusion, Islam functions best in a dictatorial/autocratic state where a strongman like Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Hosni Mubarak in Egypt rules with an iron fist, or where religious intolerance reigns supreme (over individual human rights) in a theocratic, Sharia Law state like with the Ayatollahs in Iran or with the Saudi King in Saudi Arabia. In short, Islam is antithetical to any Bill of Rights-oriented American Democracy or American Republic. 

10) The Roman Empire lasted a little over 500 years from 27BC to 476AD, and three principal factors were responsible for its eventual deterioration and collapse.

1) Open Borders: (Visigoths, Vandals and Huns penetrating into the borders and first fighting among themselves and then fighting against the Romans).

2) Anarchy: (barbaric tribes rebelling against and eventually defeating Rome).

3) Corruption: (Roman politicians giving away the Empire’s treasury in exchange for favors and votes).

The United States Republic is in jeopardy for the same reasons that caused the Roman Republic to disintegrate and fall. We have had an Open Southern Border and an influx of illegal Mexicans, Central and South Americans and Middle East Muslim refugees’, most of whom do not assimilate into American culture. The U.S. has elements of internal Anarchy with such radical groups as Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink and the KKK causing havoc and social disorganization. And naturally, Left Wing Democrats want the Free Stuff Welfare practice to continue in order to gain favor from immigrant Hispanics and Muslims who will vote in future elections, just like the greedy Roman politicians had done over fifteen hundred years ago.

Jay Dubya

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