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So many impediments to getting the writing done.  Writers moan about lack of time, lack of inspiration, distractions.  Here's another one to add to the list: kids spilling freaking yoghurt on the keyboard!  Had to clean the rotten thing, unless I wanted it to smell like Satan's effluvium and have a dozen repetitions every time I pressed the '8' key.  So I did what every good woman does.  Cleaned up after the kids.  I also cursed them, as I damped a cloth with white vinegar, wrapped it around the tip of a butter knife, and wiped between the offending key.  There, that's my Martha Stewart-ish tip for the day.


The Kardashians have apparently published a novel.  I read a review for it in a local newspaper the other week.  Gosh, is there nothing this lot can't do, aside from understand the concept of overkill?  The review was not favourable.  In fact, it metaphorically urinated all over the book.  But you know what grinds my gears?  The f*****g book will probably sell more copies than my novels will! 


Now, speaking of selling books  - ahem! - please check out the links to my novels.   I write adult satire, and this reflected in 'Calumny While Reading Irvine Welsh (link and my other novel out at the moment is Young Adult, although oldies have told me they like it - (link  The latter is about a 14yo boy who finds a beagle, which can talk.  The novels have an Aussie flavour, but any strange terms can be understood in the context.


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