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No, not my narcissism, that of others. I'm stunned, awed, and amazed at the smattering of comments I've received on this site already. Almost without exception there has been blatant self-promotion and complete disregard for anything / everything I posted.

Am I upset? No, not at all. Impressed at the level of ambivalence displayed in the marketing machine that many people have evolved into though. Odds are these people are quite successful at what they do, since they are indeed getting their links and info out and available.

But that does not allow me to condone such behavior personally. A shameless plug here and there, sure, I would expect nothing less of anyone (including myself). But should I ever stoop to such a level of indifference to anything but my own success I hope to be stricken down by a lost runaway herd of caribou.

Seriously, if you've got go, what cooler way to have it described than to be stampeded into the netherworld by an entire herd of caribou? Especially given that I have never lived nor visited within 2,000 miles of a caribou.

And now back to random marketing posts that have little to do with the subject at hand (or perhaps everything to do with it).

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Comment by Jason Halstead on November 9, 2009 at 2:35pm
By all means, you may do as you feel you must. I'm no judge nor jury. I'm certainly taken aback by the level of it. You see, when I am inundated with a flurry of paraphernalia I tend to ignore it all and lose interest quickly. How can I hope to otherwise separate the wheat from the chaff? I doubt there are more than a handful of people with that sort of time on their hands.

As for promoting somebody else's stuff, I'm not propositioning that either. Call me naive, being new to the business. Or perhaps I'm idealistic or hung up on principles. Whatever the case, it's just not the way I feel comfortable doing things, and that is because I - as a customer - know that I am instantly turned off by such practices and will shy away from any such product due to my overly sensitive principle.

Again, I mean no offense to anyone with my observations. I was simply taking note of it and injecting my own brand of insight into it. My version, perhaps, of generating some controversy and talk and getting my name out there. :)

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