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Next by Michael Crichton Smoothie Review

Next By Michael Crichton

Overall Rating: Dull start, but adds up to a terrifying tomorrow

So to all of our knowledge this is the last published book written by Michael Crichton. His last novel was one that was different than all of the rest. With every book he wrote something involving a scifi issue. But this was something that he never attempted before. He wrote about a terrifying future of science if it is not controlled in this book Next.

So it’s hard to explain what this book is about. But it’s about a bunch of incidents, experiments, and illegal activities that evolve into three separate stories. It’s set in the future where a scientific pharmaceutical company was advanced so far with biology and technology that they have control over the people. And if this sounds some familiar, well it’s should. The idea behind this novel is the same concept behind the TV show fringe. But Next is what came first

So I will say this about it, because the only other way to tell you what this is all about is to post the entire book. The events evolve into three stories. Story 1) A man gives his drug addict brother a chemical that cures his addiction. His brother then starts aging at a rapid rate. Story 2) A man who donated semen to a experiment for extra cash years before finds out it led to a experiment. It was supposed to be killed but it wasn’t. He’s told and finds that it’s a half human half chimp creature that he takes home and tries to hide from the company. He doesn’t want to kill it. Story 3) This was my favorite one. This company took blood from this guy years ago that had a gene that could cure multiple diseases. When they done this, they claimed right to own his blood, cells and him. They could take a brain sample and have complete to do so. But when he runs off, they claim rights to his daughter and her son. So they are chasing these two across country to claim them as property.

So is it technical? Yes. And I have to admit about the first quarter of the book is a real drag. But every piece has purpose. It’s about the rise and fall of a organization that manipulates and controls people. But it’s not far into the future. It feels like it could be tomorrow, one year or two years from now. I always say that books are never scary, but this book is actually scary on the sense that this could happen.

So it’s a great read. it’s a great concept. So if you’re a scifi geek, I totally recommend it. But it might not suite every one who's used to Crichton’s passed novels.

Three Smoothies out of four

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