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CD Audio - Ford and the American Dream: Founded On Right Decisions

Author: Clifton Lambreth
ISBN: 9781933715674
Format: CD Audio


The Ford story that has never been told!

The rise and fall of the Ford Motor Company is a representation of the American Dream eroding daily. Twenty year Ford veteran Clifton Lambreth, through a powerfully captivating fictional tale, details the decisions and events that have brought the Ford Motor Company to the brink of potential bankruptcy. The novel begins with chapter 11 because this is where the Ford Motor Company finds itself today -- on the edge of chapter 11 bankruptcy. Lambreth gives a bird's eye view of what has transpired during his tenure with an unfiltered frankness and transparency aimed to provide a way for the company to begin making right turns for its future direction. What would Henry Ford say about the company he founded if he were alive today? What advice would he give to Ford and businesses around the globe? Ford and the American Dream is a must read for anyone wanting to go into business or trying not to go out of business, for automobile enthusiasts everywhere and for anyone who is interested in the preservation of the American Dream. The story is a wake up call for all of corporate America, outlining million dollar mistakes and billion dollar blunders and finishing with an encouraging hope for the future of Ford and the American Dream.

Includes a foreword by Paul J. Meyer: "My Love Affair With Ford"

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