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Of misheard lyrics and obtaining dialogue for characters

For reasons upon which I decline to elaborate, one of my FB friends has posted the song 'Purple People Eater'.  I didn't listen to all of it.  I do recall the lyrics that he came to to Earth and 'he lit in a tree'.  My older brother used to sing, 'he shit in a tree'.  Me, being an impressionable little cherub at the times (as opposed to the cynical old shit I have become) thought those were the actual lyrics.  Oh blimey, now I'm feeling five years old again, all long braids.  Enough of the mawkishness. 


Have entered my novel 'Abernethy' in the WA Premier's Book Awards.  I won't know anything until June 2011.  Fingers and toes, together with all over pliant body parts, have been crossed.  Check out the first chapter, if you wish, by clicking on


Does anyone eavesdrop on other people's conversations and make a note for future dialogue?  I did that today.  Well, I wasn't actually eavesdropping, per se.  I have a new job which entails visiting the elderly and assisting with housework, medication, and meals.  I hate housework, but do enjoy helping people and interacting.  Was chatting to an elderly man today and I knew he'd been in the army, and asked had he been involved in conflict.  'Oh yeah, mate,' he wheezed at me.  'I was over there fighting those little chow bastards in Korea!'  Of course, I don't agree with the racist sentiments expressed there, but it's an interesting piece of dialogue, and could provide for depth to characters in stories.


Well, I have to get back to work now.  So until next time, au revoir!

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