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Palms Inn resort Reveals More Mysteries Than Answers

Palm’s Inn Resort Reveals More Mysteries Than Answers

Palm’s Inn Resort Reveals More Mysteries than Answers
New mysteries are discovered in the Hurricane Mia after math. The terror and destruction that hurricane Mia brought has torn apart thousands of lives. There are so many loose ends to be tied together as families come back together. Yet despite all people not yet found, the biggest mystery resides at the residence of Palm’s Inn.
Palm’s Inn is a small resort/apartment complex that was ran by the owner, John Taylor. It was a well running business until Mia hit and apparently led to a mess that no one had figured out yet.
The building was not completely destroyed. In fact the stone structure stayed very much in tact. For the most part all of the residence have been found, but are somewhat different.
“We never had seen anything like it,” says Mark Bisky, 39, volunteer for the Rescue and Recovery Team. “It’s like something out of the tabloids”
Multiple victims inside the complex had abnormalities. Kara Abrose 76, was found dead in her apartment. She had webbed fingers and odd form of pigment change, and slits on her side along the ribs. It’s said that they appeared very much like gills. Around her was a mess of what looked like dry roots from some long dead tree that came from the faucet and drain from the sink.
Many other victims found in the similar condition changed with a tad of fish like characteristics.
“I feel like I’m walking into the after math of one of Stephen King’s nightmare,” stated Abbey Shields, 42, forensic scientist.
Samples were soon taken off the root like matter and of the blood of the victims. The results show the root like substance was something seen before. As far as the blood tests are concerned, they reveal at the blood had some sort of toxin mixed in with it. The CDC is now had taken control of the investigation.
When asked about the blood, James Fisher CDC official only stated, “We will not release anything to the press until we know what is happening.”
The mystery of Palm’s Inn still remains, but there are still four remaining residence not found. Jake and Amy Taylor, Kris Marks, and James Blunt. If you have seen these individuals, please report them immediately. They are needed for questioning.
Find out what really happened at Palm’s Inn. Available now in ebook/paper back format at Lelue’s Realm.

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