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Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale of Plasma Cosmology

Review by Lauren S. Smith

Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale takes place in a Plasma Universe is a futuristic story of intelligent beings without consciousness and self-awareness. Could this be possible? Author, Leonid Korogodski makes you think that it could really happen -- that our human consciousness could possibly be a direct result of evolution.

Just in case you've never heard of Plasma Cosmology, Korogodski describes it as being in direct contrast to the "established" approach to cosmology. In Pink Noise, Korogodski attacks the concept of "dark matter" as absurd and skillfully explains Plasma Cosmology's theory. Within the story lies the understanding of what Plasma Cosmology really is.

Pink Noise is a novella that tells the story of several generations of cosmologists and astrophysicists whose careers are in danger because of extremely expensive projects that they're heavily involved in. The money to fund these projects was taken directly from the taxpayers, and if discovered, the scientists would suffer the end of their careers.

Readers of Pink Noise are drawn in to the story of Nathi, one of the most prominent and well-respected neurological doctors of the time. Nathi is a posthuman, having lost his brain five centuries ago.

Nathi is called upon to save a girl in a comatose condition, and when he finds that her brain damage is beyond belief, he "maps" his own mind directly into her brain so that he can restore the damaged area. In doing so, he finds that she holds a Wish Fairy - a cyber being whose function is to kill the Wish - a virus wielded on humans by the appointed cyber Wizard orders.

The plotting and planning by Nathi to discover a way out of his and the girl's predicament will have readers on the edge of their seats, and the war that ensues in the darkness of the Martian polar night is a battle of the future - a future that only great minds like Leonid Korogodski can imagine.

Nathi's battle against the cyber wizard and his legions must be fought in both the physical world that we all know about - and the deep recesses of the mind that is both unknown and possibly sinister.

For science fiction buffs, you should know that Pink Noise differs from other books on the Singularity. Pink Noise doesn't adhere to the idea that digital AIs might become superior to humans and that a complex mind requires consciousness.

Leonid Korogodski's mind-boggling book, Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale is a novel worthy of the prestigious, Hugo Award. It's fast-paced and scientific in nature and will bring readers from the place of skepticism to asking themselves, "Could this really happen?"

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: . This review covers Pink Noise by Leonid Korogodski.

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