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Recently, I received an email asking me what I read and what influences me?
With a full time job in the wonderful world of retail sales and a beautiful daughter growing faster than a weed in the spring, I feel like I barely have time for anything else.
These days, I try to squeeze in a story from some of the very talented authors here at Trestle Press: Karen Vogel, Sarah Price, Crystal Linn & Roger Rheinheimer (sorry for not listing them all – there’s too many). Other than that, most of what goes in front of me does not have more than a fourth grade reading level. So, lately, I’m inspired by children’s Bible stories and Disney fairies.
I grew up on American classics. As you can tell from my work-in-progress, Amish Wonder, one of my favorites is The Wizard of Oz. I also have a nice collection of James Bond stories. Not the originals, the ones by John Gardner. Thus far, most have not been mangled into movies.
They say a writer has to read. Maybe that’s why I call myself a storyteller?
If I win the lottery, I would spend some time at the library playing catch up. There is a growing market of Christian fantasy that intrigues me.
My true inspiration comes from God and the stories about my grandfather. I try to blend that with what is happening in my own life and in the world today.
I tend to stay a little on the private side, but I hope this gives you some insight into me!
Your friend,
Laughing George
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