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Reinventing Your Self and Your Business Is a Process (Watch Out for Resistance!)

Many of us used to consider it a luxury to choose to reinvent ourselves or our businesses. At present, many find themselves thrust into this position by the economy.

Last year, before effects of the economy really kicked in, I had my moment where I decided to reinvent particular aspects of how I experience my life and business. Like an ever-expanding number of people around the globe (and since ancient times), I chose to even more consciously use Law of Attraction which I’m now, more than ever, inclined to call Law of Vibration or even Law of Vibration Equals Matching (LOV EM).

I’m not about to tell you this path is one big rosy picture or that I never address challenges; but there have been some spectacular inner and outer results. Any of you who deliberately use LOV may have discovered that, though it seems simple, based on what you read or hear, it’s not always easy. I’m not saying it has to be difficult; but . . .

We’re told the key is to ask for what we want and then allow what we want to come to us, shift our beliefs, remove doubt, expect. I also write about these in my articles because they’re all valid. So, why isn’t it always easy? In a word: resistance. If you’ve ever thought you have no problem attracting small stuff into your life, but the big stuff seems impossible, you subconsciously resist bigger stuff. You wouldn’t do this unless you’ve been conditioned to. We stand between Limitless Thinking and Conditioned Thinking. We just have to decide which one we prefer to move towards more.

A lot of thought has been going on in my mind about resistance over the last several days. A parallel came to mind: weight loss. Anyone who’s ever wanted to lose weight has to start wherever they are; has to use a program, and discovers a program they’re aligned with is easier to follow; discovers some days it’s easier to stay intentional and other days they experience triggers that make them want to quit. But, if their Why is strong enough, they get back on the path if they detour or stop.

Those unwanted pounds are like unwanted (most often, unrecognized) beliefs or areas of resistance. The more of each that needs to be shifted, the more energy you need to plan to direct towards this. You will have days you falter; but as you stick with it, you’ll experience successes. Your outcome and how you choose to experience getting to the outcome is called your ROE (Return on Energy).

We sometimes forget to recognize that a small success is still a success. Sometimes we want to get to the finish line before we run every step of the race. We forget steps are involved (a process), usually because we want to feel better as soon as possible. Every step has the opportunity and fact of ROE.

Individuals and the overall economy, depending on how much “weight” they gained before the shake-up and the weight of their beliefs, have to reassess how they plan and intend to move forward and what their intended short- and long-term outcomes are. The “negative” outer aspects of the economy are a direct result of something at the inner level being out of alignment in everyone involved. If we want to create a better, stronger economy, present, and future, this will be done more easily and quickly if more people get aligned at the inner level so their actions at the outer level are motivated differently.

My hope is that anyone who can contributes their energy to this rebuilding phase through creative and innovative ways imbued with integrity. If we resist this, we risk returning to how we’ve always done things or how things have been done, ways that didn’t work out.

Inventions take time. So do reinventions. And, both involve a process. Once you get that life is a process, that you are in process all the time, and you align with this, you’ll find your ability to return to inner balance when you get rattled is easier. The Law of Vibration (quantum mechanics) matches your vibration (deepest anticipated outcome energized by emotions) all the time. Become a conscious, deliberate director of your inner and outer life.

I wish you a wonderful day and a day filled with wonders.

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