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Rejuvenaging: The Art and Science of Growing Older with Enthusiasm by Dr. Ron Kaiser

Embrace rejuvenaging, and let the author unlock your doors to a better future, whatever age you are!

Ronald S. Kaiser, Ph.D., ABPP, is a Licensed Psychologist in Philadelphia, successful author, and owner of The Mental Health Gym website. Now aged 80, he has used his decades of life experience as a school counselor, then in the community and health sectors, to write this life changing and highly motivational book.

He firmly believes that we can take charge of our destiny, and we have the choice as to whether we grow old or rejuvenage. The keys to rejuvenaging are explained clearly throughout the book, and although it is accepted that some elements are outside our control, he firmly believes that if you follow his “Goal-Achieving Psychology,” or GAP, it will help you bridge the gap between thinking and doing, which in turn will make you happier, more productive, and enable you to take control of your aging process in a positive manner.

So how do we do this? Well by adopting the ‘P’ personality, which is explained clearly in this book. It has to be mentioned that this is no end-of-life book. Although inspirational for the elderly, it has been written so that anyone can plan for their future in a positive way, whatever their age, through learning to become personal goal-driven, proactive, positive, persistent, passionate, and playful.

Whether you want to stay working, or retire, it will empower you to rediscover (or newly discover for some) your sense of fun, help you to understand how to set personal goals, encourage you to use the powers of positive thinking, be passionate, be persistent, and be proactive.

Planning for your future psychologically is just as important as financially, and this book shows you how. Diet, and the benefits of exercise, learning new skills, exploring new avenues and experiences, living life to the full, keeping ourselves mentally stimulated and interested in the world around us—all these are things we can do to improve our life now, and for the future.

Whether you want to remain working, or retire,  you will discover how to make the most of your senior years. After all, your health and planning for your future is just as important psychologically as it is financially.

So what are you waiting for, get your copy, and start rejuvenaging now!

About the Author:

Ronald S. Kaiser, Ph.D., ABPP, is a Licensed Psychologist in Philadelphia, where he is in private practice and also serves as consulting psychologist to the Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. In addition to serving on staff at both Jefferson and Methodist Hospitals, Dr. Kaiser is Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology at Jefferson Medical College. He is listed in the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology and Board Certified in Forensic Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. He has a special interest in behavioral medicine and in working with medical patients to improve their emotional functioning. He also started a psychology practicum and internship training site at Jefferson, and he continues to be heavily involved in the training of doctoral level psychologists of the future.

During his half century of helping others, Dr. Kaiser has evolved an approach to working with patients that emphasizes their abilities to take charge of their lives and build emotional strength to overcome obstacles and improve general mental health. He is author of, “WHAT CAN GO RIGHT? The Thinking Person’s Guide to Making Good Things Happen,” and the upcoming book, “REJUVENATING; The Art and Science of Growing Older With Enthusiasm.

His website for people who seek to develop and improve upon their mental health. Just as a physical gym caters to all shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of physical health—united by the desire to get and stay healthier, The Mental Health Gym is designed for people who are committed to improving and maintaining a level of emotional functioning that permits personal growth, achievement, happiness, and the effective management of stress and challenges.


About the Book:

The aging process has historically been thought of as a time of slowing down, declining, and “running out the clock.” By introducing the concept of REJUVENAGING, psychologist Ron Kaiser provides a blueprint for making the aging proces an active and exciting one. With seven keys and countless practical strategies, the book draws upon the exciting fields of Positive Psychology and Neuroplasticity to provide guidance for maximizing physical and emotional health, social involvements, and improved intellectual functioning during the senior years. As Dr. Kaiser emphasizes, growing older is not a spectator sport.

If you are in the second half century of life, this book will make your children jealous because they’re not old enough to
Rejuvenage. But it’s actually never too early to follow Dr. Kaiser’s formula for growing older in an active, accomplishing, healthy, and enthusiastic manner by maintaining a healthy mindset and lifestyle and by:

– Owning the aging process
– Mastering the 7 keys to Rejuvenaging
– Maintaining mind and body productivity throughout your life
– Building strengths to overcome adversities
– Experiencing the joy of “feeling your age.”

Rejuvenaging can be purchased from Amazon


Barnes and Noble


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