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Romance, Mystery, and Intrigue - Das Medallion Has It All - Review by: Lauren S. Smith

Das Medallion: "The Locket" -

Sometimes a new author emerges onto the writing scene with a first book that has the makings of becoming a bestseller right off the bat. With Das Medallion: "The Locket," Kathryn Scarborough has written a book that has all the potential to do just that.

Das Medallion is a historical suspense that's full of intrigue and sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. It's a story of dreams and memories that revolve around one of the most terrorizing eras in history - Hitler's Third Reich. The historical details that are peppered throughout the book are just enough to intrigue, but not bore the reader.

The story of Margaret Richardson comes alive in Das Medallion when her dream is revealed. It's the dream of a little girl speaking a language that Margaret doesn't understand. Then, Margaret discovers that the dream is actually filled with suppressed memories of herself as a little girl living in war-devastated Germany.

Inevitably, Margaret meets a Dutch general - Pieter Van Leeuvan -- and together, they attempt to solve the puzzle of Margaret's young life. What they uncover is so damning that it could topple Germany's present government. The subsequent truth becomes excruciatingly painful to Margaret, but she knows she must persevere and get to the bottom of the emotional ruins of her life.

One of the memories Margaret brings to the forefront of her childhood is good - the memory of a grandmother who loved her. But there are also nightmare images of abandonment and murder that haunt her dreams -- and now, every waking moment. Margaret knows she must find answers before she can let the past go and build a future with Pieter.

Margaret desperately needs to find out why her father has lied to her for forty years. Why the mystery behind the woman in a photo that shows her at the side of Adolph Hitler? The woman looks so much like Margaret - could it be her mother? What was her connection to Hitler and could the truth destroy Margaret's emotional well-being?

Readers who love historical fiction, especially the World War II era, will find Das Medallion a fascinating read. Those who love suspense and mystery tales will also enjoy the book and have fun putting the puzzle together as the story unfolds.

Scarborough will soon launch the "prequel" to Das Medallion, which involves Margaret as a child living in the shadow of Nazi Germany as it crumbles under the advancing Soviet army. The book is called Deception and it will be Volume 1 of the Das Medallion series. The series promises to become an exciting choice for romance and historical fiction readers.

Das Medallion: "The Locket," was named "choice pick for literary fiction readers" by Midwest Book Reviews and sets up the blossoming career of an emerging author - Kathryn Scarborough.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - []reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: [] This review covers Das Medallion: "The Locket," by Kathryn Scarborough.

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