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Sales Opportunities, And Something From The Eighties That Actually Didn't Suck

It is my long held belief that the Eighties were the worst decade ever.  Really, puffball skirts (pfffft!), androgynes who sang crappy songs (yes, you, Boy George and Marilyn!), shoulder pads that made you resemble a grid iron player, ozone-depleting hair product, skinny leather ties (I remember my cousin received one as a favour from a girl he partnered in the local deb ball, and a jealous friend upon hearing of this just slavered, 'Yum!'), mullet hair (actually, I live in a town populated by bogans, which is an Australianism for rednecks, and many of them still sport the spirit-dropping 'do); I could go on, but will decline.  Anyway, I've just been goofing about on You Tube, and watched the clip for The Cars 1984 hit 'Heartbeat City'.  There is something from the Eighties that does not make me doubt the existence of a higher power.  It's cool.  I love the intro, the delivery, and the fact that despite an alarming resemblance to an emaciated praying mantis, Ric Ocasek is seriously cool.


Still working hard to get the books sold, however.  Now, I may live in Australia, peeps, but my novels are available on e-book.  You don't have to worry about pesky things like freight, that necessitate the taking out of a second mortgage.  I don't follow the foreign exchange religiously, but I'm sure our respective dollars are comparable.  My books, by the way, are about $9.00AUS.  Who likes adult satire, that doesn't actually bite, but nibbles gently?  Click on this link: and read the first chapter - it's about a young woman whose life becomes a media circus after being arrested in relation to a crime she may or may not have committed.  I wanted to talk about how stupid everybody carries on (yeah, inspired by 'The Bonfire Of The Vanities').  And who among you likes young adult, especially when it involves a talking beagle?  Read the first chapter of 'Abernethy' via  Go on, I double dare ya!


Like many writers, it's not my main source of income.  I work as a community carer, and the other week I had to watch an elderly woman inject her insulin.  She's not one of my regulars; her usual carer team have been short-staffed.  Anyhoo, her son-in-law was there, and told her she was in the presence of a local author.  She became pleased, and asked could she purchase copies of my books.  One of them arrived from the publishers through the week, and I dropped it around to her today.  We had a lovely chat as she used to do creative writing classes, and loves Stephen Fry and Oscar Wilde, as do I.  It's amazing who you meet, and when you get the opportunity to make a sale, isn't it?

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