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So.  Tonight's the big night.  School reunion - thirty years since Year 10.  Hoo boy.  I didn't get to do all those tummy crunches I planned in order to slim down.  I was actually a somewhat hot-bodied teenager.  I guess I'm passable as a middle-aged woman.  Tonight the big questions will be answered: Who got fat?  Who went bald?  Who had a sex change?  Now, what I'm fantasing about is that my old classmates will rock up with copies of my novels for me to autograph.   Pie-in-the-sky pipe dream is what that is, I daresay.  Anyway, I will hand out business cards which will direct my old classmates to the publisher's website, where my books can be purchased either as e-book or paperback.  If you like adult satire, check out the first chapter of 'Calumny while reading Irvine Welsh' at, and if you like young adult, check out 'Abernethy' at 


I wonder how my old school chums turned out.   I have a fair idea as I was on the organising committee.  I hope none of them do what some freak did when I was at a book signing one day, which is to tell me that if I put my faith in Jesus my books will sell.  Hey, maybe they will.  Who knows?  I just want the damn things to sell.  Do I have to put a video of myself on You Tube, like that deranged Britney Spears fan bawling at everyone to leave Britney ALOOONNNNE!  Yes, I'm sure that would look great, me with panda-ringed eyes and dual runners of snot streaming from my nostrils as I implore everyone to buy my books.  Any sales resulting from this should be spent on getting back my self-dignity, which will have been hocked well and truly!


Ciao for now!

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