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My name is Ella Curry and I own EDC Creations Media Group. We host five virtual author book tours per month through my company. We are currently seeking bloggers, radio hosts and book reviewers to join the 2011 virtual media tours! The hosts are rewarded with books and prizes from the authors and the publishing houses.

Seeking Blog Tour Hosts

If you would like to have a few of today's most talented authors stop by your blog and discuss their books, please email me at: Please use this subject line: Blogging for Black Books. It is not a hard task to become a host blogger. I will send you the material from the author's tour and you would post it to your blog. Once the information is on your blog, you would ask your network to stop by and chat with the author. The host blogger decides what genre and type of books that they will feature and how often they would like to participate.

Our primary goal is to have as many readers meet the author in one month as possible. It would be a pleasure to add your blog to the virtual author tours. If you have an online magazine, newsletter, radio show or chat board, we would love to bring exciting authors your way. Bookclubs, we host weekly video chats just for you too! All of our book promotions are geared toward introducing readers to books that they might not know about yet.

We are also seeking book reviewers for the blog tours. We would send the host about 4 books per month to review in a two week period of time. The host would write a review for the book, giving their honest opinion of the quality of the writing and the overall book. This is a fabulous way to read books from various genres. If you like the author this time, you might consider purchasing other books. If you would like to become a book tour reviewer, email me at: I would love to have you!

Share this email with your friends and any book lovers that you know. The publishing houses send me about 50 books per month to have reviewed, we would love to share these with the every day reader too. We need people who are NOT in the publishing industry to review these books.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. I hope to see our authors on your blog soon!

Ella Curry, president of Black Pearls Magazine

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