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I am undoubtedly an oldhead. I can remember so far back that people used to write on stone tablets, animal skins and then on parchment paper. My point in this is that I also remember reading stories like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, The Executioner, The Death Merchant, Nick Carter and Encyclopedia Brown. Every week when I went to the library I would try to find a new installment in a series I was following and just enjoy it, devour it and look forward to the next or perhaps finding a new one that could help fill in any holes or time gaps from the others. Maybe it was the OCD talking to me at a young age but I love, just love, and still do following a series and the characters in them.

So what I am writing about now, and why would I go on a diatribe about serials and series? Very simply, Trestle Press has put together an ever growing collection of series in that vein, monthly installments with great characters that span a wide variety of genres. There is a little something for everybody: non-fiction to fiction, Amish to action/adventure, faith based to the devil. Each and every week a new installment of a different series comes out and they are all just about $.99 per download, plenty of great reads for your basic buck, and quite a bit of bang. Don’t believe me, here is a list of most of the series, if you haven’t seen or heard of them yet, check them out and give them a try this holiday weekend:

The Author’s Lab/Collaboration – over 20 installments thus far with just about every genre covered. Great authors doing some seriously amazing work. A new installment hits almost on a weekly basis.

Paul D. Brazill’s “Drunk on the Moon”- A Werewolf P.I., Are you into dark paranormal noir fiction? This has charted on both Amazon & Amazon UK.

B.R. Stateham’s “Smitty”- assassin, hit man, whatever you wish to call Smitty, you can bet there will be plenty of Action, Mayhem and Murder.

Thad Brown- “The Smoking Gun Sisterhood”- The series is up to the sixth installment with “Lights Out”. Strong heroines and amazing characters dominate the plotlines. Each installment has a different set of characters and universes.      

Alexandrea Weis’s NOLA Series- she is an award winning author and her love for her hometown of New Orleans comes out in every word she writes. Romance, paranormal

Mark Miller’s One- This is a faith based series but does plan to focus on just one faith; it is more directed at introspection and values.

Darren Sant- The Longcroft Estates- a rough edged British import that is a tough grizzled look at life in a community where every day is a struggle to exist and survive.

Mark Cooper’s “How I Met Your Mother”- Is she who she appears to be? No, not really, she was/is a secret agent and that is where it all comes from.

Chantal Boudreau- “Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful”- Chantal has the ability to write in different genres and do it extremely well. This is her monthly take on just about anything and everything.

William Tooker –“Slouching Towards Bethlehem”- this is a sci-fi/paranormal/ horror series that is sure to captivate. The universe that William Tooker creates and carries through time is a dark, intense and at times simply horrific look into another world.

Karen Vogel’s “Amish Knitting Circle”- Small time Amish life and the interaction of its residents. The first installment hits in about two weeks.

Julia Madeleine-“The Devil’s Music”- What music stars through the ages sold their soul to make it big? This series delves into music history and answers those questions.

S.L. Schmitz- “Mina’s Daughter… The Harker Chronicles”- Steampunk/ Paranormal/Vampire fun. Need I say more? The first installment hits in late September.

Lisa Taylor’s “Shana Black” series- West Point cadet and secret agent, what a combination.

Big Daddy Abel-“Open MIc” series- This series has been an amazing surprise to everyone. The installments in this series have charted in the Amazon Top Ten of its category in both sales and ratings. Open Mic Volume One has been number one for a number of weeks. BDA has a way with words and puts himself out there with each and every installment.

Sam Lang -”Reprisal”- Looking for horror, straight up and making no excuse for it? Here you go; each and every installment takes you deeper and deeper into the abyss and the darkness.

Molly Edwards- “The Willow Spring Killer”- Death is brought to a small town and someone has to solve the murders.

Angelique LaFontaine and Eddie Frantom- “Thirty-1”- This series has plenty of paranormal/fantasy/horror/aliens action. The first installment just dropped last week. Get in on this one early.  

This is going to be a growing list, so please make sure that you stay tuned for what else comes down the pike in this new age of digital short stories. Reading old school with paper is nice; I still enjoy it. But grabbing one of these and reading them on your ereader, smartphone, laptop or computer is pretty cool to break up that reading week and add a little more life and pizzazz to it. Yes I just used the word pizzazz, I played many board games during and after the hurricane, it expanded my limited vocabulary a little.

New from Trestle Press authors this week: Chantal Boudreau “Weighing Fate”, Mark Cooper “How I met Your Mother”, Darren Sant “A Good Day”, Mark Miller “Daniel’s Lot” & “Meant to Be”, Wenona Hulsey “Burden of Blood”, Joan Meijer “The Rescue”, Robert Ford “The Curse of The Translucent Monster”, Laurie Bowler “Fangs, Inc. The Tortured Revelations”, Michelle Vasquez “Second Hand Bookstore”, Ed & Eunice Vought “Best Friends #4” , Thad Brown, “Lights Out”, William Tooker,”Bad Angels”, April Pohren, “Dream Me To Death”, Angelique LaFontaine & Eddie Frantom,”Thirty -1 Reckless”’ John Reed “Winter Hill Exhumed”, Allan Leverone/Paul D. Brazill ” The Darke Affair”, Julia Madeleine “The Devil’s Music: Raised in Hell”, Paul D. Brazill “Brit Grit”, Molly Edwards “The Willow Spring Killer”, John Reed ”Another Lousy Day in Paradise”, Alexandrea Weis “For You”from The NOLA series, and Giovanni The G-Man Gelati “Holy Chrome Bocce Balls on Fire”.                   




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