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Okay, well… here it is. The $55 article written for me. Now,
the next step is the company will send this to three hundred article submission
services, and people, and companies looking for content. My Blog address and
Author’s Den address will be attached to the article so readers can connect
with me. I reset my site stats to zero and will closely monitor that over the
next ten days (the run I was promised). I average about twenty-five bio hits a
day on my AD site and fifty to seventy hits a day on my Blog. I’ll let everyone
know if these suddenly inflate. So, here’s the article with the keywords highlighted
that I gave the company. You decide if it was worth it.

Authors den

My blog:

A Science Fiction Writer Keeps The Reader Hooked!


Readers worldwide have always yearned for an exciting
adventure in the science fiction books and an expert science fiction writer does not disappoint them. They use their amazing imaginative powers coupled with an excellent knowledge of science in
order to create the greatest works in fiction. There are many fans of these
books out there waiting eagerly for the next big release. There is great
curiosity among the readers whenever a science fiction novel makes headlines or
receives critical acclaim. All the books based on this genre leave the reader
in a completely different world while reading and sometimes transport them to
the future.


It is not always easy for fantasy thriller author as the
subject of the book needs proper handling. 
Authors always reach the zenith of success by giving the right treatment
to their stories. It takes tremendous power of imagination to write about
aliens invading the earth, travelling beyond earth and the protagonist being in
the possession of paranormal powers. Books that have created successful television series or movies are a
result of the imaginative thinking and the right placement of words by a science fiction writer.  These authors can keep the readers hooked onto their novels right from the beginning till the end.

Writers who author fantasy thrillers use many concepts that most of the people across the
world cannot imagine even in their wildest of dreams.  Science fiction and fantasy thrillers are
closely associated as both of them use fantasy, horrifying images, mysterious
circumstances and superhuman capabilities. 
A science fiction writer has to be convincing when writing about these abnormal characters and unbelievable adventures.  Even a slightest mistake
while explaining a particular situation or character can take away the interest
of the reader. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary to plan everything well before putting all the imaginations into words.

The greatest challenge of those who author fantasy thrillers is to imagine something which is
unbelievable and writing it in such a way that the audience do not doubt it
while reading.  In a science fiction
novel, a future is explained by keeping touch with the past and present
simultaneously.  Most of the times a
particular character or situation seems illogical, but it is explained in such
a way that the reader is convinced about the superhuman tasks being performed
by the protagonist.  A science fiction
author takes utmost care to make
sure that the reader lives every moment of the book.

While there are many reasons for the success of science
fiction novels, a major one is the author himself.  A science
fiction writer
is solely responsible for the visualization and accurate
presentation of ideas in the book. Critics also play a major role in
publicizing the book as all their reviews are read curiously by the ones who
are in need of a science fiction masterpiece. 
The story and concept is the backbone of any science fiction novel and
they must be well-planned before writing the book in order to keep a perfect
flow of the novel.

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