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Springer Press release: New popular science book about our dynamic Sun

It really helps when the publisher issue a press release and an interview :) The have been very helpful promoting the book.Even if this is not the typical Springer book.

Just after the Sun erupted this week a new popular science pock about the Sun and the Aurora has been released.  So the release was saluted by a solar firework.

"Our Explosive Sun - A Visual Feast of Our Source of Light and Life"  includes 203 color illustrations and photos of the Sun, several of which were made especially for the book and have never been published before. Additional material, available via Springer Extras, includes a large number of animations and video material. A PowerPoint presentation of the book is a useful resource for teachers." Based on my lectures wile working at NASA Goddard Space Flights Centre as the SOHO Deputy Project Scientist.


And when this news trickle out in the outlets..

This is fun.. I hope others are as lucky with their publishers..

And it is amazon and get good reviews already:

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