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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stay at Home Mom's Thankful List

Most stay at home moms are not lounging around at home eating delicacies and being entertained. At least, not this one. I'm lucky to get a shower every other day or so; whether I need one or not.

Most of the stay at home moms I know have a college education of some sort and are highly employable. They have (like me) decided that shelling out their kids to daycare to learn someone else's values is not going to cut it. Staying at home is hardly a luxury; you know the tired saying, "oh, I just don't have the luxury of staying at home....blah, blah, blah." Staying at home is not a luxury, it is a commitment and is all about sacrifice. I found (most unfortunately) that most of my 'needs' were nothing more than a whole lot of frivolous 'wants' and they were promptly eradicated from my life.

My home is not an expression of myself that is full of all things lovely. No, it is also a school since we homeschool. I have a six foot bulletin board and a six foot white board as the decor in my living room. Our classroom pets live there too. My house is full of books, workbooks, teacher's manuals, school supplies, shelves, computers, organizational containers and tubs.

My home is also where I work. I am the accountant for our business and this includes handling the payroll, the taxes and well, all things money. Ironically, I never get paid!

My home is also our daycare for our one year old who would be devastated if he knew the umblical cord was cut more than a year ago. He is still nursing and is also "Mommy's big helper" - translation: he must be held constantly and involved in everything Mommy does. It is so sweet. I am so flattered that he is so in love with me, and my arms are really toned, but seriously, he's not still going to be coming to the bathroom with me when he's 16 will he?
And my home is a...well, a home. I never have enough time and my house is never clean enough. I'm certain that in addition to my husband, children, and pets, there is also a 6 foot dust bunny and all her babies residing with us. There's also the never ending laundry, dishes, vacuuming/mopping, meals, diapers, diaper rashes, ear infections, picking up toys,stains, smears, puke and boo-boos that also must be tended to in my spare time. And, in my other spare time, I write books. And then, in my spare time I promote them.

So, besides Jesus dying on the Cross for my sins, which I will forever be most thankful for because I have alot of sins, here is a list of what this stay at home mom is thankful for this season. I hope you send comments and posts back and tell me what you're thankful for too!

1. Showers ( can't wait until I can take one all by myself )
2. No expiration dates on makeup ( mine lasts forever because I hardly get to wear any)
3. Facebook ( this is my only contact with other adults for days on end)
4. Hamburger Helper ( you can throw just about anything in there)
5. Desitin
6. Rechargeable batteries
7. Blogs ( what a great place to gripe)
8. Bedtime
9. Chocolate
10 My husband who never complains or makes any demands of me.
( these are in random order sweetie, you never get last place!)

Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving!
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Comment by Annie Eskeldson on November 17, 2010 at 10:01am
aw, gee thanks!! No, seriously, thank you so much. I get so much support and love from my family, no one would even guess that they are so far away.

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