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Super Tips for Self-published Book Promotion

Did you double up as a publisher of your own book? That’s a smart move that can help you save a lot of money.  You have already published your book in the form of printed books and EBooks.  But, merely doing that won’t get you visibility and popularity especially if you are a novice.

In order to get the max sales for your book, promote it well through various means and modes.  A well-promoted book is well known and read by many. Self-publishing a Book teaches you a lot about the publishing industry and its players. You are no longer the nerdy writer who has his head buried in the clouds. Your sharp sense of the publishing industry takes you far in the industry, thus increasing your chances of success.

Follow these simple yet amazingly superb tips to promote your self-published book:

  1. Online Promotion: Self-publishing is not everyone’s game. If you chose to self-publish your book, online book publishing is probably one of the modes that you might have used. EBook publishing is indeed the easiest and the fastest mode. There are a variety of channels of EBook promotion that don’t require much technical expertise or networking, and you can easily do it yourself.
  2. Muster Reviews: Create your own website or blog, and write articles on various topics including reviews for your books. Invite others to review your blog and post comments. Ask authors of similar genre to write peer reviews for your EBook. Peer reviews are viewed in high esteem. It may be easy to ignore an EBook but not its reviews.
  3. Local Libraries: Contract with local libraries to promote your book through small scale events focused on specific target groups. Infuse an element of fun into these in order to attract readers.
  4. Local Newspaper: Ask your local newspaper or magazine to publish a small story about you or incorporate few lines about your new book into a bigger article.
  5. Free Copy Distribution: Grab random opportunities to promote your book. Carry few copies of printed books with you and hand over to an acquaintance or a random yet significant person who can spread the word further.

Book Events: Sign up for book fairs and go out to personally promote your book. Book conferences, where you can meet other authors, are a great way to learn how to promote your self-published book. Your range of experiences about the publishing industry widens when you attend an event of global stature.

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