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Swim in the sea of passion, cry, laugh, and fall in love--Passionate Bid

PASSIONATE BID Now available from Red Rose Publishing


Drop dead gorgeous veterinarian Julian Ravenwood decides to snip the tie that binds him with his estranged wife. But it isn’t as easy as he thought it to be. His once untidy scrawny bride has changed into a seductive and attractive woman he can’t stop touching. And worse, he’s learned her secret that rocks his world.

Artist and bar dancer, Joanie, sees an opportunity to solve her problems when Julian shows up to serve her. She demands money in exchange of her signature. But Julian learns the reason behind her demand and asks that he stay for two weeks.

Together in one roof, they can’t stop lusting after one another and passion sizzles. Julian shows her pleasure in and out of the marriage bed. Life is finally good until trouble comes and put Joanie’s heart at risk again.

Available now from Red Rose Publishing

Tierney O'Malley

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