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The Broken II: Tainted Trail by A. L. Frances

Horror at its very best!

A broken man, the once charismatic, successful businessman, Matthew Honey is a drunkard who has lost everything. Well nearly… Back in the dark reaches of his mind, he knows his beautiful daughter Eve, possessed by an evil entity, is still alive, and he is determined that he will find her.

However, not everyone agrees, Chief Inspector Lamont is equally convinced that Matthew killed both his wife Lauren, then years later his daughter, and is intent on proving it.

Time has moved on, and so have the entities formerly known as Jess, and Eve. Their plans are growing and it is the unlucky family of Alice Parkinson who are their new prey.

Newly widowed Alice has been wooed by Jesse. He has quickly won her heart, and moved in with her and her children, becoming part of the family. Then the household dynamic changes again, with the arrival of Jesse’s daughter. However, not everyone is pleased, Alice’s mum Dorothy is not keen on Jesse. Is it just too soon, or is a mother’s instinct kicking in?

The vividly dramatic writing of British born A. L. Frances, the author of this enthralling horror story, takes her readers deep into their terrified minds.

A father, determined to find his daughter, and a family in peril.  As the horrors unfold, twists and turns mask the plot of this exciting story.

If you are a lover of deep terrifying stories which leave a prickle at the back of your neck, then this is the story for you. Highly recommended!

About the Author:

A.L. Frances is a thirty-two-year-old British author.

The Broken is set to be a four-part series and marks A.L. Frances’ debut in literary fiction.

Born in Wythenshawe, South Manchester, she is the product of a broken home. Her formal education was cut short before she could gain any qualifications and she became a mother to three children by the time she was just twenty years old. At twenty-one A.L. Frances suddenly finds herself cast in the role of a single parent, destined to repeat the cycle of her own difficult upbringing.

Determined to give her children a better start in life, she moved to the countryside village of Hollingworth, and eventually settled into a career in law. It was during this transition that she found herself on a journey of self-discovery. Attending multiple mindset enhancing seminars in England, America and Canada, she was exposed to the tutelage of inspirational speakers such as Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and Mel Robbins among others. A.L. Frances was eventually introduced to Peggy McColl, a New York Times Best Selling Author. Standing on the stage, Peggy said the words that would inspire her into action. Peggy said, “Everyone has a book in them.” as she pointed into the crowd. It was at this point that A.L. Frances fell in love with the idea of writing her own book and telling her own story; one that would address one of her biggest fears: the vulnerabilities of broken homes.

At the age of twenty-nine, A.L. Frances decided it was time to start the next chapter of her life.

What follows is the start of her journey…

About the Book:

Matthew Honey is a broken man. He has lost his wife, his daughter, his business, his dignity and nearly his mind. Worse, he is under investigation by the police for the crimes against his family. Yet as dire as his situation is, Matthew will never give up on his quest to find his daughter Eve and rescue her from the evil that has continued to plague them.Alice Parkinson has lost her one true love, the father of her five children. When handsome Jesse comes into her life she sees a chance to make a new start. But soon Alice and the children are tormented by terrible nightmares. The kind that you don’t always wake up from. It’s not long before Alice’s mother, Dorothy, realises there is something very wrong in her daughter’s house and vows to get to the bottom of it.Will Matthew and Dorothy discover the truth before it’s too late? Only time will tell, and as the evil that taints their lives tightens its hold, time is of the essence…

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