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What does it means to be Chinese in the US today with Beijing throwing its weight around. Is it true? The fact is, it is not true. Beijing is not throwing its weight around.  Beijing is not militarizing.  It is only telling the whole world what it own over 2000 years ago, and this property is still their property today.

These Chinese American are either born in the US or emigrated to the US and are holding US passports. They or their parents must have been disillusioned in their countries of origin, where Industry standards and legal frame works only appear on papers. Our hearts exert a powerful influence over others, because there is a mysterious quality that has a soothing effect on others, if our intentions are pure.  This must be the reason why the Chinese are able to settle down peacefully in the countries they emigrated to?  Majority of these Chinese Americans have pleasing and amicable manners. They don’t grunt, squeal, and move about on four limbs like a pig when they are not happy with the existing government.  They emigrate to obtain better income and more freedom.

About the Chineseness issue, why are non-Chinese saying this issue exists? We have no problem on this subject, at least for most Chinese. The phrase “fresh off the boat” was coined by the snobbish white men more than one hundred years ago. Today, most white American don’t think they are superior to the Chinese anymore. There must be some who still believe so, but those are the people who are actually suffering from inferiority-complex. You find them in every country. They are blinded by their own self-importance,  with all thoughts of beating or killing other people, especially other races.

What does it mean to be a Chinese American at this moment when China is growing very fast? Many other races are very jealous of the Chinese. In South East Asia, many politicians still run down the name of the Chinese during political campaign.  They tell the native voters if these voters don’t vote for them, the Chinese will take over the country and their new boss will be China. Most of those natives still believe this! Those politicians display despicable cowardice   and  they are cunning, deceitful conjurers.

With the thorny subject of the South China Sea cropping up, under the eyes of the other races, Beijing has become more abrasive. What Beijing is doing is to build up what was belonging to them over 2000 years ago. Why don’t you bring in your history books to prove the Chinese are wrong? The rationale is no longer there once they prove those islands don’t belong to the Chinese.  The Chinese is merely catching up with rivals who have also built airfields and other infrastructure there on their own islets and reefs. The Chinese did not seek territorial expansion or domination. Thus their trade abroad did not lead to wars, conflicts, colonialism or imperialism.  But western people were actively controlling and colonizing those countries along their trade routes. 

If the law of 350 nautical miles from your shore is applied, then Batam and Johor must belong to Singapore, according to UNCLOS.

Many countries say Beijing has maritime & territorial ambitions, which is not true. Beijing is only protecting what was under Chinese rule for more than 2000 years. Is it wrong to protect your land?

It is indeed not easy to be a Chinese. Even stinky Chinese lunch has an impact on a person’s identity. But why are Chinese restaurants sprouting up in all US cities? There must be more Chinese in the US than Whites? I noticed most of those customers are Whites. They must be the educated Whites?

Recently, when the government of Zabaikalsky Krai,  wanted to lease 1000 sq km  of remote Siberian territory, idle land bordering China , to Chinese investors, for 49 years,  the politicians in Moscow say this would lead to annexation of Russian land by Beijing.  The matter sparked unease among Moscow politicians who obviously would not have objected if the investors were from Japan or Korea.

The Chinese are steadfastly firm with their culture, and they can fully integrate with the country they emigrated to. There is no doubt about that. When the Chinese settled down abroad, they did not kill the indigenous people and took the land from them by force.  They coexist with indigenous religions and people.

In some parts of the world corrupt, evil and aggressive politicians can simply raise any claims for territory which historically was unknown to them. Isn’t this why most of the wars were fought?  People simply walked into your territory, forcing the natives inland or killing them. Then after some years, they claimed the territory belonged to them and they wanted independence.

Many of these Chinese in the US are shinning there like the precious jems. Their talents are needed there. The Chinese name for the US is “Beautiful Country”. How many other races call the name of another country “A Beautiful Country” ?

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