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The Deadfall Project - A White-Knuckled Ride of a Novel By Lauren S. Smith

The Deadfall Project - A White-Knuckled Ride of a Novel
By []Lauren S. Smith
Brett James' debut novel, The Deadfall Project, takes you on a journey through countries, car chases and spy-thrilling situations that will keep you tied to your beach chair or comfy recliner until you've turned the final page.

The Deadfall Project is modern in scope, but contains the spy and suspense techniques of the great mystery-thrillers of the 40s. As James himself, described his book - it's "the evolution of the spy in fiction." Brett's main character in The Deadfall Project - Grey Stark - has lived through the turmoil of the iron curtain and must now deal with car bombs and other modern weapons of destruction.

Stark is a CIA agent who is back in the fray after a couple of decades of retirement, tracking a mysterious bomb that has the power to flatten an entire city in mere seconds. You'll experience tension as NATO troops gather at Iran's border and ride with Stark and his ex-wife as they zip across France in an attempt to find answers that might prevent a devastating war.

The chase becomes mind-boggling when Stark discovers that he's also being hunted - by a top-level gunman, intelligence agencies, a playboy terrorist - and his own boss who would do anything to keep the Deadfall Project secrets from the public. There's something familiar about the power struggle between agencies in the book and the real-life struggles in our own country.

Whether reading James' vivid descriptions about a car chase through a Parisian neighborhood or mentally feel the punches when he describes a wild fist fight in Marseilles, you'll experience a whole new sense of action and excitement in The Deadfall Project.

James' novel is entertaining and highly observant of the times in which we live. The Deadfall Project provides insight into the international intelligence community and those wars behind the scenes that make all the difference in world situations. James skillfully combines excellent research on the locations in his book with the actuality of current events so that you think you were actually there.

Twists and turns in The Deadfall Project will keep your eyes glued to the page. They're the stuff of which great spy novels are made. If you happen to be reading James' new book on a long airplane jaunt or a subway ride, you'll wish the trip wouldn't end until you read the final page. You won't want to be disturbed from your "trips" through Paris and all of France as the hero battles time, terrorists and the United States government in an attempt to find the bomb.

James' descriptions are rich and colorful, but won't bog you down - and the plot is daring and exciting to read about. It's an action-packed and intriguing thriller that will give you chill bumps while you read it and satisfaction when you put it down. All in all, The Deadfall Project is about a new way of thinking about old problems and super powers that we've been facing for years - with weapons that just don't work anymore.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - []reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. This book review covers The Deadfall Project, by Brett James.

Article Source: [] The Deadfall Project - A White-Knuckled Ride of a Novel

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