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   You are my Father, my Redeemer, the Light unto my path, my Rock, my Fortress, my all conquering KIng of Kings, You are my Salvation.  You are my Provider.  You are my very breath.  You are my Love and Compassion. You are my Virtue.  You are my Honesty.  You are my Forgiveness.  You are the wind, you are the snow covered mountain tops.  You are the inner habits of every living creature.  You are the sun and the moon.  You are the vast oceans.  You are the green grass and beautiful flowers.  You are every kind and generous thought.  You are my righteousness.  You are my peace.  You are my hearing.  You are my sight and speech.  You are my every heartbeat.  You are the loving puppy, the playful kitten.  You are that newborn baby.  You are the Establisher of Nations.  You are man's wisdom.  You are the tear on a mother's face.  You are that helping hand to someone in need.  You are my Healer.  You are my good days and bad.  You are my sleep.  You are the storm.  You are the calmness on the lake.  You are every emotion.  YOU HAVE CREATED EVERYTHING THERE IS AND EVERYTHING THERE WILL EVER BE!!  You are man's thoughts, and as a result, man's accomplishments.  My vocabulary falls far short of describing you, but YOU ARE DEFINITELY.....THE GREAT I AM!!


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Comment by Randolph Nicholas Alvis on August 29, 2011 at 1:38pm


Thank you for your response, we do serve a mighty God and even though the natural eye sees this world as totally falling apart around us, everything is in his hands.  Praise God!

Comment by Jacqueline Alvarez on August 29, 2011 at 11:33am

His splendor is so magnificent, His grace is sufficient guiding mankind towards their destiny; inspiring ideas, inventions and progress; thank you God for your grace!


Jacqueline Alvarez

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