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"The dream and its outcome"

An excerpt

'This emergency session is convened to discuss the drastic changes that should be considered in our policy concerning the axis of evil.' The brand new elected defense secretary declared with much pathos. 'May I proceed sir?' He asked the president.

'Sure Chuck go ahead,' the president answered with a nod of his head.

'The president was already notified about the intelligence report that we've received just recently.' The defense secretary opened up with a slight cough and a worried long face. 'This report reveals a completely different situation, which contradicts our evaluation on Iran ties and ability to reach its nuclear goals.' He made a deliberate short break, to let the small group of senior participants of this emergency session to fathom how critical and important the situation is.

'If we believed that we're alert to every change, every step of progress that takes place in our sophisticated negotiations partners' country we're wrong. Thus the updated theory that they've an alternative plan to build a plutonium bomb has turned out to be a sophisticated deception…'

'Does it mean that they aren't after military nuclear power is that what you're going to say?' The secretary of state hastened to ask. He didn't like at all the secretary of defense long and dramatic monologue.

'No they haven't given up their pretentious whim, but they aren’t going to build their bombs on their own soil.'

His last sentence caused a tumult of comments from most of the session's participants.

'Silence please!' The president called out raising his voice. 'We'd better listen to the end of this sensational report, and only then discuss our assumptions and conclusions.'

Silence ensued and the the defense secretary continued to update the dumbfounded senior participants with more enlightening details.

'Our satellites cover every inch of their country, and thus we're able to discern every step that they take and they're aware of it…So how can they fool us you'll ask? We do know all about their ties with North Korea, that's what we believe, right? But there's one fact we didn't take into account, where their bombs are going to be built.' He made another short break on purpose now, to enhance the dramatic atmosphere. But he didn't have to explain it anymore, the surprising riddle was solved by all the session participants, they didn't interrupt him though and he summed it up in one more sentence.

'So they'll supply the North Koreans with enriched uranium and the North Koreans will build their bombs.'

'Okay,' the president drew up the participants' attention, after the slight pause that took place. 'This critical issue aspects would be discussed comprehensively right after lunch break.'

'What about your Middle East visit sir?' The state secretary asked. 'Shouldn't you postpone it? They've no intention to form a coalition in due time, which means no negotiations with Abas.'

'Well I guess I'll have to postpone it, I'd a Congress filibuster, and now I'll have to face another one, which would prevent serious negotiations.'

'You can land in Amman airport and have a few words with the king, cross the Jordan River and meet Abas before meeting the asshole, to teach him a lesson.'

'Well it's an interesting possibility, but the king won't last long, and Jordan plus the West Bank main towns would eventually become the Palestinian state, so why bother to pay them a visit while we have many crucial problems to solve at home.' The president said rose his feet and left the convention hall.

© Haim Kadman March the first 2013 – all rights reserved.

Last night Nov. 20, 14 I've heard our channel one military commentator declare that according to foreign intelligence sources, Iran intends to send enriched uranium to North Korea and there its atomic war heads would be built, and would be sent back to Iran by sea.

I'm not the only one with open eyes, I've the time, the curiosity, the imagination and the memory, while most of the public are busy with their daily problems, and rely on the politicians. The politicians prefer to keep such facts to themselves and avoid causing undue public concern or worse: panic.

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