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I have always been very health conscious. I eat tons of vegetables, I love fruits! I even eat tofu, lots of fish, and I just recently stopped eating beef and pork. I don't cook with a lot of salt, but I use lots of fresh herbs. I am even aware of the things that are put into our foods, such as high fructose corn syrup (and the many forms of it), preservatives, etc. All these years, I just haven’t really cared about organic versus the non-organic. I just didn’t really believe there was a difference between organic and non-organic foods.

Well my friends, I have a testimony to share with you, I am an organic foodie. I have been changed and converted. A long time ago I read a book called, the "Real Food Revival" by Sherri Brooks Vinton. This book is about a couple's adventures around the world seeking knowledge on how our food is made from the farm to the table. I read that book about 5 years ago, and my life wasn't dramatically changed with the descriptive images of cows eating and living in their own feces. However after my fiancé and I watched the documentary "Food Inc," my imagination and reality finally clicked. It is absolutely disgusting how the food that is delivered to our grocery stores is made, handled, and then sold to us. It really made me feel powerless. I asked my self, "so the tomatoes I have been eating aren’t really tomatoes!" After eating and shopping organically for 3 weeks, these are the results I have felt thus far:

1. WAAAAYYYY better tasting food! From the bread, to meats, and fruit, the actual QUALITY of organic food is SUPERIOR to the non-organic foods we buy.

2. Organic Shopping CAN be cheaper or just about the same price as what you normally buy (trust me I can show you how!)

3. YOU FEEL BETTER! So you feel better when you begin eating healthier in general, well imagine how you feel actually eating FRESH food without preservatives, artificial flavors, and colorings!

I think the 3 reasons I have given are pretty powerful statements promoting the switch to organic. As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I would absolutely teach my clients to convert to being organic foodies.

So for the next few weeks I will be discussing Preservatives, Genetically Modified Seeds, How to Shop, and I will share with you some of my recipes, my weekly meal plans and my Organic Experiment. My goal is to educate you on how to find out where your food is coming from, how it is grown, and how you can support your local farmers and growers. You will never see food the same again and you will never shop for food the same way again. Yes people, this IS A REAL FOOD REVIVAL!

Get ready, get set to change the way you EXPERIENCE FOOD!!!

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