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The question of creative writing versus creative marketing

Authors of fiction for the most part have a definite disadvantage when it comes to creatively marketing their work.

Speaking from personal experience I will be the first to admit that when I had completed my first book I thought that I had finally arrived... I was soon advised otherwise.

The Publishers and agents of today are people who deal strictly in what sells and makes money, long gone are the days when a book would be published because it has some moral or sentimental value.

Publishing is a business and let there be no mistake publishers want to put the cake on the plate and this attitude is some times seen by authors and writers as a brutal way of doing things.

However let us consider for a moment that the publisher has to pay royalties to writers, the telephone bill and utilities. This cannot be done with books that do not sell.

Who among us has not felt the sting of the publisher’s agent or the publisher’s rejection letter?

However if we consider this from a point of view where we go back and polish and shape our master pieces to perfection does the rejection letter not make us a better writer? It is a foolish writer who adopts the attitude of “My manuscript is great the publisher is wrong” because such a writer will never be published because he or she refuses to learn from mistakes and thus another opportunity to write some thing of enduring worth is lost.

Authors should not take a rejection letter as a personal insult to themselves and their work but rather ask what can I do to make my manuscript better?

Creative writing and creative book marketing go hand in hand and any author worth his or her salt should learn that creative marketing of their work is a requirement to getting published in tradition hardcopy

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