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The Questioning and Refining Stage of Life: Middle Years of Adulthood

I have been blessed with numerous opportunities as I lived within the laws of Grace. Between the ages of forty-one to sixty, I have been the director of a middle school program involving a caring, empowering disciplinary approach; I have written and recorded a telecourse that was chosen for national distribution and remained on the air and available for graduate credit from the University of South Dakota for eleven years; and I’ve learned how to operate a resort from the bottom-up by positioning myself as a front desk employee in a resort in Sedona, Arizona (my family and I plan to create a health-centered resort someday). While I was in Sedona, a friend and I also bought and operated a home health care business to provide financial support. I’ve learned a lot from my experiences, and to this day, I’ve continued to use what I’ve learned. Read more here.

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