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The Ride Of Your Life

Around and around we go on this merry go round called life.  How many times have your said ‘STOP’ I want to get off….get drunk out of your mind, snort another line, main line some heroin go the distance on another one night stand or blow your mind out in a car.

Man for the minutes you were able to launch your mind in to nothingness the merry go round was one cool ride, but how about when the ride began to slow down and the attendant said ‘time to get off’….life was still there, the nagging girlfriend, the job you hate, all the bills you can’t pay, a promise of a job that never materialized.  Ok Mr. attendant, how much for an ounce….$80.00, sure I’ve got that from the phone bill I didn’t pay, let me climb aboard for another ride on the ‘high road’.  WOW!  What a roller coaster ride, a line of coke and a shot of heroin, life’s ok, no pain, no problems, no heartache….FASTER….SLOWER….FASTER.  Aw naw, we don’t have to stop….reality is waiting at the gate, the ride attendant says get off the coaster, times up, life’s calling you.

Your head is pounding as you frantically search your pockets for whatever cash there is for one more ride on the escape train.  Five dollars, just the right amount for a fifth of wine and one more wait in line.  Chug a lug, chug a lug, whoa here it comes, the numbness I crave, my ride out of here, this feels good and this ride should get me through the rest of the night.

MAN….what’s that bright light and why’s my head keep spinning, man I’m sick let me get in the bathroom….uggggh!  Last night was crazy, I’m nevery going to do that again.

Hey man, what you doing tonight?  Nothing.  Let’s go get high, take ride on the powder line train.  Yeah, Ok.  Crack Express ready to roll, give me a hit dude, let’s escape this world.  Dude I can’t feel my face and arms, dude, dude, what’s up, why ain’t you talking?  Hey man, Move!  You ain’t dead are you?  Aw naw, aw naw you’re dead man!  HELP, HELP!  SOMEBODY HELP, JESUS HELP!

The ride attendant has always been the same….Satan.  He takes your money, than your respect, than your family, than your job….Oh yeah he gives you one hell of a ride and when you think it’s time to get off, it ain’t happening because you’re on the death train.

ETERNITY BABY!  You’re there and there’s no one to turn this train around, you’ve paid the admission with you’re soul and Satan has collected the fare.

Before the merry go round of life’s attendant invites you for your next ride, you better slow down and know Jesus is the power source for all the rides of life and he can throw the switch at anytime.

Please be sure the one you’re riding on has an escape mechanism, his name is Christ and he’ll help you off, pick you up, dust you off and give you a reason to be alive.  THAT’S THE  MERRY GO ROUND I CAN GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOU WON’T WANT TO GET OFF OF.






















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