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The Supreme Court Says The Government Owns Your DNA - TYRANNY on THE LEFT & THE RIGHT!

"Yesterday’s Supreme Court Ruling shows that America, now a more dangerous place to live than Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany were. We knew the enemy there, but here, the enemy is those we chose to defend us but have instead chosen to rule over us. We have become what we defeated and infected by our lethargy and complacency and getting what we voted for!" 

Steven Clark Bradley

You are asking yourself, now that was a totally radical statement, wasn’t it? Why did I say it; because, in fact it is true. I have always stated that radical conservatism is just as deadly and lethal as radical liberalism. Now they have been combined into a poison that has killed the republic.  Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that, your DNA is the modern-day equivalent of your fingerprint and that if you are arrested and have not yet been convicted or acquitted, the police can automatically take your DNA , (you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in the now defunct United States Constitution.) It simply cemented into the fabric of the nation that we in fact now live in a Big-Brother state in which you and I no longer have any rights or recourse.


What this means for any of us is that if you are charged for a crime, before you ever get your day in court, if you are rightfully or erroneously arrested, your DNA will automatically be collected, without a court order to do so. Then your DNA will placed into a nationwide database that will compare your information to all unsolved or all cold cases in the nation with murders, rapists and all others, without your permission as a person who is supposed to be innocent until a court of your peers declares you guilty or not guilty. Then, if you are declared not guilty, your DNA is not destroyed but will remain in the system forever.  

 The Amendment IV states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. In this ruling, where is the probable cause to destroy your right and seize your personal property, your DNA?

Let me tell you, though I am not famous, have no power and am like one of Obama’s low-level people, I have actually lived all over the world. I have seen, ‘How the other half lives.’ I can tell you for a fact, the world that has been already erected and set in stone in “the former United States” has created a beast that has never been seen before. It is something more sinister than what we fought against in the Soviet Union and in Nazi Germany, because in fact, we have created a hybrid that has merged these two beasts into a two-headed monster that bites and devours Americans on the right and on the left. The ruling yesterday broke up the traditional right and left groups and caused the liberals on the court to side with conservatives and one major conservative, on the court to side with his liberal counterparts.

In this police state, the Supreme Court indoctrinated the nation into the Two-headed Beast state in Marxism and Nazism have been merged into what I call THE DICTOCRACY, where the people have the verbiage and the false assumption that they are free but are in fact totally controlled at every level of their lives. Yesterday, the five justices who passed this terrible ruling were a combination of four conservatives with one liberal and the dissent was made up of the liberals and Anthony Scalia, the strongest conservative and greatest patriot of the Constitution on the Supreme Court.

There is a database for your taxes, there is a database being developed for all your medical and financial records that will be held by the IS, of all people and now one for those of us who are still innocent but perhaps wrongly arrested. Is this the America the Founding Fathers and our ancestors voted for when they approved the United States Constitution? Of Course it is not. All I can say America is what I have been saying for the past 5 years; THAT NATION IS GONE AND DEAD & AMERICA, WELCOME TO THE DICTOCRACY!

Steven Clark Bradley



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