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Review by Lauren S. Smith

David A. Cleinman's new book, Principle Destiny, has all the action you'd expect from a story about a woman who's battling against immeasurable odds to regain power and status that's been taken away from her by her own father - the tyrant, King Jessett.

Alyssa is a princess who was exiled to a community within Landing (Alders) and lived her life as a farm girl, waiting for a chance to take back the rights her father had stolen from her. Her father is a tyrant king, constantly threatened with coups and unrest - so, to calm the masses he created a challenge system. The challenge was a thousand-mile endurance race against his, son, Prince Tobias, and the winner will inherit the kingdom.

If only Alyssa could win the race against her brother, Tobias, she would regain her rightful title and the keys to the kingdom, which she would restore to order. Only eight months remain until the day the race begins, and Alyssa has secretly been training for the challenge. She knows that participating in the race will leave her vulnerable to vengeful and hateful enemies of the kingdom and that she could die in the process - but she would rather risk it than see her kingdom being torn apart.

Principle Destiny is a story of age-old struggles between family members, political sides and misuse of power. When one young woman determines to win back what is rightfully hers, against all odds, it makes for a powerful story. It's odd in adventure novels to have made a woman the fierce competitor in the action, but Cleinman has done it with verve.

Alyssa is a very believable character, going through trials and tribulations that women in real life won't need to tackle, but the principles she believes in can transfer to every woman today. Alyssa has human flaws similar to those we must all face in life. She has a stubborn streak that she inherited from her father, the king and that can be a fatal flaw if she gives in to it.

Principle Destiny contains life lessons that every woman can use to fulfill her own dreams and desires. Male readers can also take away lessons that they may not find in male role models or mentors.

The theme of Principle Destiny has three major truths that run concurrently like thread in a tapestry - love and honor, self-sacrifice and greed. Emotional, political and power struggles in Principle Destiny make the book an interesting story of human behavior.

Principle Destiny, by David A. Cleinman, entertains by taking the reader on an adventurous roller coaster that leaves them breathless and frantically turning pages until the last page of the last chapter. Young readers will love the book for its fast paced action and everyone will admire how the characters come alive on the pages.

Lauren Smith is editor for the Virtual Book Review Network - reviews books by well known bestselling authors and books by soon to be recognized names. For more information, visit: This review covers " Principle Destiny ", by David A. Cleinman.

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