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I recently attended a friend of mine's book launch and signing at a local coffee house here in Raleigh, NC and I found it highly successful.

Martin Brossman, the author of Brossman's Social Media and Online Resource Directory for Business definitely thinks outside of the box and the bookstore.

Instead of having his book signing at a local bookstore, he choose the New World Coffee House, a small, cozy spot that worked well with his book.

The event lasted about three hours and more than 50 people came and went, bought signed copies or drank a latte or a mocha and mingled. Several of the book's contributors were also there so it was like an author's fest - you could meet and talk with several authors.

One of the reasons for the success of this event was the atmosphere - people could mingle, talk, ask questions of the authors the entire time unlike a bookstore signing where there is only a short time for questions and the author is gone.

The moral of the story - don't restrict yourself to just bookstore signings. Think of places that compliment the content of your book. Martin's book is about social networking, viral marketing and the best ways to promote your business on the Internet. The coffee house was a perfect setting for his book - people could socialize, network, and indirectly promote their businesses.

And if you want to know how to promote yourself or your business online, definitely pick up Martin's book. I've read it cover to cover and it is an invaluable resource for online marketing.

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