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Those Who Seek Forgiveness: A Reminder To All Of Us Of How Much We Miss Anita

Those Who Seek Forgiveness by Laurell K. Hamilton

Okay, this is another smoothie review based in an individual story. Why not a whole book? Well tell me how to review a collection of short stores with it having a meaning behind it, and I’ll start. Every story in my opinion whether it’s a novel, novella, or short story if it’s a piece of work and should be seen as such. This one comes from Laurell K. Hamilton short story collection called, Strange Candy. And this one is called, “Those Who Seek Forgiveness.”

“Those Who Seek Forgiveness,” is the official first written piece involving Anita Blake. And if you know anything about Laurell K. Hamilton, you will surely know about the great Anita: Blake Vampire Hunter series that she created (and sadly destroyed.) This takes place before Guilty Pleasures (which is the official Anita book) and long before Jean Claude and Richard came along. This was when Vampires were still illegal. The events focus on a job of raising a dead husband for a woman, who wants him to forgive her. She says he died of a heart attack and she wanted to say she is sorry to him because she had affair and wasn’t faithful.

But if you have read Laurel K. Hamilton, you clearly know things are never what they seem. And I won’t say more about the story because it is an awfully short story. It plays as an introduction as the character and world more than any else, but I better get on with the review.

The good? It’s the old Anita Blake. It’s the woman that all the fans fell in love with at the beginning of the series. It’s not the sex addict Anita appears to be in the latest books. It’s the Anita we love. And also without Jean Clause and Richard, it was less complicated. It was simple, sweet and just made me how much I miss Anita.

The bad? Not much to say other than it is really short. The story is officially fifteen pages long. And I did want more. But guess beggars can’t be choosers.

So over all, it short and simple. Maybe too short, but compared to Laurell’s other works lately. I will accept fifteen pages of fun over five hundred pages of erotica. Because let’s face it people. Laurel K. Hamilton is so much more talented than that. Guilty Pleasures only go far until you say, “That’s Enough! I want the old Anita Back.” And here we get our wish, even if it is so short.

Overall Rating: Reminds Me of How Badly I Miss Anita

2 smoothies out of four

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