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I haven't been doing as much writing as I would like lately because I have to attain a qualification to enable me to continue working as a carer.  Yes, I am an author, but like most Australian authors can't make a full time living from it.  I work part time as a community carer, and my employer is training me in the appropriate qualification.  Don't know what you call it in the US, but in Oz it's a Certificate III in Aged & Communitiy Care.  Some of the old people whom I assist with medication are very interested in buying my books, so that's a bonus anyway.


The thter day on FB, I had cause to post 'Hey, hey, my, my' by Neil Young (I'm in a group and we post songs according to a theme).  When I was sixteen, my older brother and his coterie idolised Neil Young.  I happen to enjoy his music when he's playing it live, but I think a lot of the studio stuff, like the aforementioned song, could suck the balls of a bull elephant dry.  I do like 'Philadelphia', and 'Heart of Gold', and 'Four Strong Winds' (hang on, I'm gonna turn into a fan if I'm not careful).  It got me thinking about afternoons when I would return home from school.  I lived out of town on a property.  One afternoon I got off the school bus, and walked through the paddock to my home.  I heard this pitiful, nasally moaning.  It made my blood turn cold.  'Oh no,' I thought.  'One of Dad's cattle has fallen in the gully and broken its leg.  It's in pain.  Dad might have to shoot it.  This is terrible.'  I hurried to the house to alert my mother, and when I got closer I realised my brother was home from TAFE, and was blaring 'Comes A Time' at distortion decibel levels.


My books are available as paperback and e-books.  I write mainly adult satire, so check out the first chapter of 'Calumny While Reading Irvine Welsh' at  If you like young adult with a touch of hte supernatural in the form of a talking beagle - and no home should be without a talking beagle - then check out 'Abernethy' at

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