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using twitter, facebook, linkedin to sell tons of books

I spent weeks learning how to borrow social network's power.

First thing, you need to check out is my site that's strictly dedicated to selling tons of books. Between your website and our site, those should be your luxury homes. Now the first thing in the mornings, go to your own site and the book sales site and participate in one activity, or several to brand your name. Then, connect to twitter, and in 140 words, talk about what you just did on your site. Tell Twitter followers to meet you on Facebook, and there, expand on the subject. On and off to linkedin
and find people who are serious about the business of writing. DON'T FORGET TO INVITE your "friends" to where you "live" because that's where they can buy your books and support your local book signings.

In your three or four or 20 social networks, there are a half a billion people.
Just tell them you're interested in the one who read, write and support books and movies. Then invite them over to the place where you 'live' and we are constantly planning events to sell your books and brand you name.

The giants have plenty of people for you to invite. Most come there to play, but some are hunting for what you're offering. They have people who will gladly accept your invitation to see what you're doing. While they're there, they'll buy books, etc. You know that's true because I invited most of you from one of
those sites. you buy book, hook up with other writers, do joint ventures, participate in events that promote your name. If "your friends" come over here, they are interested in "books," that means you
can do business together.

The giants have too many people of different interests for you to make a sales pitch.
They are too broad to really benefit your profession, or career. But when they take the effort to
visit you, they are in your target market and may be just what they've been searching for. They are

And that's how YOU will be able to sell tons of books. It is how YOU will be able to conveniently support the entrepreneurs and readers who buy your books. While Premiere Writers is a new concept, and maybe you haven't seen the power of it yet, in September, YOU WILL ALREADY BE A CHARTER MEMBER and can benefit your writing from the huge launch.
career, and others.

But what about your smaller social me, all of their members are also on twitter,
facebook, and linkedin. Visit the smaller ones that relate to your interests and participate,
help them to grow. It's not how many you join; it's about how many you participate in on a regular basis.

Martha Tucker
THE MAYOR'S WIFE WORE SAPPHIRES, an urban political thriller

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Comment by Joseph J. Breunig 3rd on July 16, 2009 at 1:37pm
I agree that using the social networking sites can be useful in marketing your books; however, it's important to note that this is a "piece" of one's overall marketing plan. --Joe

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