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It's good to know the road is there even when you can't see it.

Through a bunch of things happening in my life just  now, I have not had much occasion to actively market my book.  However, it's good to see that the RSS feed is bringing in my blog postings on this page.  I've been concentrating more on my blog and on Facebook in the last while.  I also started a more "Christian" blog called Iconoclastic... not as widely viewed but it targets a more narrow slice of my market.  That's okay too.  The link is on my blogger profile (Google) which is accessible through my blog.

For the time being, I'm keeping on keeping on.  Planning at some point to do a video on my author page at Smashwords - that should help. 

And life keeps happening at a dizzying pace.  It's like the old joke about life being like a toilet roll - it goes faster the closer you get to the end. ;)  Well it's starting to speed up. After all, I'm over half-way there.

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