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Waif: A Sammy Shovel Novel Book Three by Ronald M. James

Waif: A Sammy Shovel Novel Book Three by Ronald M. James

San Francisco’s Private Investigator Sammy Shovel is determined to unravel the truth at whatever costs. Whether or not you have been following the Sammy Shovel mystery novels or this is your first one; dust off your sleuth skills and join in the hunt. Let’s recap as Author Ronald M. James keeps writing.

Book One: An Adventurous Night: introduces us to a “short, slightly overweight, balding” PI that (who?) “sinks his teeth into (each) case” and never loses his grip. (How about adding he's despised by the SFPD and will take on repo jobs for a buck or two.)

Book Two: Too Beautiful For Words shows us that Sammy Shovel (wants to change his rotten attitude and the reader is introduces to a world class European courtesan named Zondair. She becomes his on and off again secretary in the next book Waif).

Book Three: Waif is set in 1994. Zoë Hummerstein hires Detective Sammy Shovel to solve a twenty-two-year old murder that convicted her father (Herman Ziece) of murdering his wholesale liquor business competitor. With characters that keep any sleuth on his or her toes, twists and turns that kept me engaged, I invite you to step into Sammy’s office as Zoë retrieves a checkbook from her purse. Sammy notices the word ‘Coach’ burned on the leather checkbook as she hands him a check for his retainer. Mostly it is a waiting game when greed, hate, (police corruption) and seduction trumps sanity.

Questions mount as Sammy examines photos, documents and begin his detective work. Instincts tell him that things may or may not be as they seem. Sometimes you have to dig deeper and drudge up old memories that people have put to rest. I quote:

“Good morning. Is this Carolyn Cross?”

“Yes—but we’re not buying anything at this time.” Carolyn answered, hesitantly.

“Carolyn, I’m Samuel Shovel. I'm a private investigator. I received your name from Gary Betts—” Building on the lie, he started with Gary, he added, “I’m investigating SFPD corruption that occurred in the past.”

“I don’t understand, how past?”

“Over twenty years ago, when your sister died.” “Oh dear, that was so long ago.”

“Unquestionably to you, but to Gary, it seems like yesterday. Do you recall the events that took place around the time your sister fell to her death?”

Like in the golden age with Kojack, Columbo, Jim Rockford (the list goes on and on), PI Sammy Shovel has his own style of digging up archives, dredging up memories and using every tool in his investigative tool chest.

Stay tuned for Author Ronald M. James next mystery titled Flame Man: Sammy meets his match and is almost killed. “What a lovely spring day. Let’s find a corpse.” Other stand-alone books include Harrington Manor and The Two Jacks by Ronald M. James.

I, Theodocia McLean, endorse and encourage you to read Waif (A Sammy Shovel Novel Book Three) by Ronald M. James. I purchased this book from Kindle. This review was completed on January 27, 2018.

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