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Want to Promote Your Book on The Exchange TV Talk Show?

It is exciting to think about the possibilities of having your book or testimony seen or heard by millions of people! Well if you are an artist, book author or have an inspirational testimony that you would like to share with the world contact us at for more information. Isn’t it time to share your gift or message with the world?

Kansas City Based TV Show Encourages, Inspires and Empowers Women

Encouraging, inspiring, and motivating are words used to describe the new TV talk show entitled, The Exchange. The show will offer testimonies from ordinary women doing extraordinary things, overcoming obstacles & achieving personal victories.


PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 23, 2012 -
KANSAS CITY, MO -- Igniting the Fire Media Group will launch a television and radio talk show with award-winning author and Bible teacher Dr. Jacquie Hadnot, beginning Friday, October 5th on ION Television, and KGLR Glori Radio.

Encouraging, inspirational, and motivating are the words used to describe the new TV and radio talk show entitled, The Exchange. The Exchange will offer inspirational testimonies from ordinary women doing extraordinary things, overcoming insurmountable obstacles and achieving personal victories.

Produced by Minister Gregory and Dr. Jacquie Hadnot, the show addresses issues such as health and wellness, spiritual growth, domestic violence, relationships, parenting, current events and more. We will interview ministers, authors, fashion experts, health professionals, news and media personalities, and unveil female talents.

“Women face countless issues and often push their dreams and goals to the backburner and never reach their God given potential” says Dr. Hadnot. “Although some women may never own their own business or attain national recognition, every woman can live life to the fullest - one dream at a time. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we have value and worth, and our contributions to society are immeasurable. Women are a powerful force in society, and it is time to let their voices be heard".

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The Exchange will air on ION Television Netword beginning Friday, October 5 2012 @ 6:30 am CST
The Exchange will also air on @ 9:00 am CST Mon\Wed\Fri

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