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Divergent by Veronica Roth

Science fiction of the dystopian variety is having a resurgence in popularity. The Hunger Games series is hugely successful: both book and film. When I was a kid, Logan's Run gave a more far future sci-fi glimpse into a society that appeared utopian on the surface, but soon shows that not all people are so willing to die at such a young age. And of course, the mother of all dystopian science fiction stories, 1984, in which society is constantly being watched by Big Brother.

Divergent is a story about a girl name Beatrice (later just 'Tris'). She lives in Chicago in a future possibly not too far off from our own present. Society has split itself into various factions: Abnegation-put others before themselves, Dauntless-overcome all fears, Erudite-knowledge leads to a better future, Candor-the truth above all else and Amity-can't we all just get along? There are also those that become factionless and live a life of poverty and homelessness.

But, not all people are so easily classified and those like the protagonist find themselves Divergent. In this dystopian society, being divergent is extremely dangerous. The powers that be classify them as rebels and will kill them-as they are not controllable. 

I highly recommend this book. From page one Divergent hooks the reader and the pages just seem to turn on their own. Perhaps what is most chilling about this tale is the familiarity we can see in the parallels in our own society. How far away from dystopia are we already? Or are we already there?

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