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How successful do you really want to be? Is that too vague? How about - How much money do you want to earn? What is the #1 Key to Success?

Well business people are always consistent with their internal feelings about:

Themselves, who they are;
Their feelings about money, what's possible for them to earn, keep and spend;
What they deserve to achieve.

One of our greatest emotional needs is for security. To know that future events aren't going to create big waves of change. One of the ways we fulfill this need is to have standards, set goals, make decisions, and tackle problems that we're comfortable managing. Probably 95% of people do this without even knowing why.

Dr. Prescott Lecky, a Canadian educator, branded what he called the Theory of Self-Consistency. He developed his program to help teachers enable students to learn more effectively. He theorized that our minds are organized systems of ideas, and all the ideas that belong to the system must seem to be consistent with each other.

Dr. Lecky states, "The center or nucleus of the mind is in the individual's conception of himself. If a new idea seems to be consistent with the ideas already present in the system, and particularly with the individual's conception of himself, it is accepted and assimilated easily. If it seems to be inconsistent, however, it meets resistance and is likely to be rejected."

This means that when the choices, decisions, or commitments you make with yourself are in conflict with the beliefs, values, and self-image in your unconscious. Conflicts occur that inhibits your progress toward your goals. The model of Self Consistency leads us to realize:

When the choices, decisions, or commitments you make in yourself are consistent with the beliefs, values, and self-image in your unconscious. Congruency occurs which accelerates your progress toward your goals.

Long story short, the #1 Key to Success is managing our emotions. How we feel is more important than what we know. Change how you feel about yourself and you change your money, health and your entire life. The economy has little to do with what you'll achieve this year, you're emotions are in control. Now who's in control of your emotions?

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