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Why Authors Are My Heros

When I started my book marketing business friends and family often asked, why authors? Why not small businesses, or lawyers or chiropractors? 

It is because I believe that authors are some of the 21st centuries greatest dreamers. There is something about holding tight to a dream, despite the distractions of Facebook and family, television and cooking dinner, that that inspires me.

Imagine sitting down with a blank page and a dream, and then sticking with it for 80,000 words.  If you spent 8 hours a day, you would need 20 full days of writing to have a rough draft. But since most writers have to bills to pay, they have to make due with snippets of stolen at night or on the weekend.

If you were to sit down and write a book it every weekend for 8 hours a day, it would take at least 3 months.  After a long week at the “real job”, come Saturday, there would be no sleeping in, no Sunday football, no sales at the local mall and, no time with your kids. You would wake up, be at your desk at 9, work until 5 and repeat on Sunday.  And, of course on Monday you would have to go back to your “real job.”

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