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Why You Need a Global Business Model Using Social Media

Social media websites are a modern phenomenon. They have become a force in global marketing. Two sites, and, are part of this revolution. They form an easy to implement, and use business model which you can use to market and sell your product or service.

There are three reasons to use the Twitter and Ning business model to promote and sell your product or service:

Inexpensive to setup – This model is completely free to setup and use.
Quick and easy to implement – Your sites can be online in less than an hour.
Latest technology – Both Twitter and Ning are on the cutting edge of existing technology to reach the largest possible audience.

Using Twitter and Ning together creates a very easy to use and powerful business model that can produce global revenue for you and your business. This model is applicable to any size business, from the single person consultant to the multi-international corporation. What is astonishing about this model is that it is free to develop and use. The only cost associated with it is an internet connection and your time.

In addition, using Twitter and Ning business model is completely compatible with any websites, blogs and other online presence that you may have. On-line and off-line sales and marketing strategies you use can be made more productive using this model.

Why You Should Use the Twitter and Ning Social Media Business Model

The main reason you should use this social media business model is that your potential customers are using it and expect people they do business with to use it. According to a March 2009 article in CRM magazine entitled The Tweet is mightier than the sword by Brent Leary:

“A recent cone business in social media survey, 60 percent of Americans use social media, with 59 percent of those users interacting with companies on social media sites. Additionally, 93 percent of social media users feel companies should have a social media presence – with 56 percent of them saying they feel a stronger connection with companies that do.”

What readers are saying about Secrets of Building a Profitable Business Using Twitter and Ning ebook:

"Hey Court, I opened a new Twitter account and started your book. Just what I needed. Great topic for Toastmasters!" Sunny Marie-Brad Hackman, Denver, Colorado

“It's excellent! Very informative.” John Morgan, Small Business Owner and Consultant with SCORE

“I just finished your ebook; it's an excellent read full of valuable info.” Victor Escalante, New Media Specialist

If you have ever thought about or are currently marketing a product or service on the internet, then you need The Secrets of Building a Profitable Business Using Twitter and Ning global business model. This model is completely compatible with any websites, blogs and other online presence that you may have.

Best of all, this informative, resource packed, 40 page downloadable ebook is available immediately for the very low price of only $5.00. You can purchase and download your copy today at:

H. Court Young, author, speaker, publisher and geologist
Promoting awareness through the written word — email:

PS: Be warned! Following this step-by-step guide to using Twitter and Ning will put you in the middle of the social media revolution. It will expose your business to millions of potential customers around the world and produce global $$$ for you.

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