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TITLE: Willy’s Valentine
AUTHOR: Rita Hestand
COPYRIGHT: 2001 by Rita Hestand
ILLUSTRATOR: Deborah Pottle
GENRE: Juvenile
ISBN: 1876962933
PUBLISHER: Writers Exchange E-Publishing

It’s fall and other ducks fly to the barnyard pond to swim. Willy watches the other ducks when suddenly he spots a duck that looks a lot like him! Unlike Willy, she has a patch of white feathers on her head. Willy swims up to her. Will she be friends with him?

She tells Willy that her name is Waddles but Willy constantly calls her Waffles! They spend many days swimming and playing in the pond. Why does it seem that Waddles is angry at Willy?

Mother Hen confronts a teary-eyed Willy in the barnyard. She finds out why Waddles seems angry. Willy never told Waddles that he’s hard of hearing. She doesn’t know!

In this delightful story of Willy, the hard of hearing duck, the author shows children why they should tell their friends when they have a handicap.

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