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Hello everyone;
If you have been wondering where I have been, please let me bring you up to date. I have been living beside the Cape Fear River. It is a dark motionless wet and deep place. I at times am lost therein wanting to find a more gentle place to be. I sought to do what I thought was right and honorable and found myself blamed for lie's I did not tell and names I have not used. I find myself hungering for the human side of mankind and have been filled with naught but comtempt for who people have judged me to be. I have stolen nothing and have been blamed for stealing everything. How sad we are, we human animals, the true beast of the field.

I am known to few, and found friends in only those who have come to know me. The cold that I feel is not brought on by the chill in the air, it is the coldness of the hearts of man that freezes me to the core. What warm lines we type, and what cold views we display. I look back to yesterday and listen for the sound of the drum that I onced marched to. Alas, my vision has diminished with time, my hearing has become impaired with age, and the light from yesterday's Sun has long since been dimmed by the ugly dark clouds of today. As I did then, I seek, but have yet to find a brighter day on the other side of tomorrow.

What I saw yesterday was promise and hope. Today I see a world filled with the horrors of hate, malcontent, envy, greed, destructive rumors and no natrul affection. Yesterday, when I looked, I did not see these things on the other side of tomorrow. Then again, how could I have preceived such while still innocent, that simple innoncence, that the drum that once beat with compassion, and slowly, would disapate and come to an abrupt halt, leaving me to shuffle fourth with no beat at all to march to.

What happend to the drummer? What happened to the sounds of hope and promise that helped all to march forward into a brighter tomorrow. That beat that resounded throughout my days of innocence before that hate and greed and contempt of man did drown it out. There is no such thing as the other side of tomorrow. Alas, I am lost in that lost in this dark place called today. T'is a pity that i have been found guilty by a court of those who are not my peers, but by those who confined me to this blight called a wanting to do what is good. My heart is broken and it cried here in this dark place that I now call home.

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