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~ “Written and Published - What Moxie!" ~


~ “Written and Published - What Moxie!" ~

‘The Book of the Month Club’


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.



Truegalu BETA SITE...preview for potential contributors  


Have You Written A Book? ...Are Writing A Book? Do you have a publisher? What about an agent or promotion representative?


Then you should know what it takes to get published and to realize the hypocrisies associated within the industry of Publication and Recognition!


​"I The Publisher ('Truegaluonce') once served simultaneously as an advance reader for both The Book of the Month Club and for a prominent African American literary agent in New York City. For those unaware, the Book of the Month Club was and is a subscription service which selects books to present to its members. An advance reader is a person who screens a book prior either to publication--in the case of the literary agent--or prior to being picked up by The Book of the Month Club for presentation to its members.


In both cases, I’ve screened books by American writers of African Descent. My job was to provide a review of the book which would be compared to the assessment of other readers to help determine the suitability of the book for publication or for inclusion. I learned from this experience that the very best novels the literary agent presented to me were rarely or never published, while what I considered sub-par novels were usually the ones published. In the same vein, what I read from The Book of the Month Club was always what I considered average-to-low in quality. It became clear that American publishers routinely pander to the "lowest common denominator" when it comes to work by people of African Descent. The very best material rarely sees the light of day.


Now, since I was never privy to the decision makers, I can neither confirm nor deny that this is done intentionally (although I suspect this is the case). Nor can I state with any certainty whether decisions to foster the lower quality of novel by people of African Descent is something relegated to our writing or if this prevails across all ethnicities/ideologies. What I can attest to is that this seems to be a fact. I read many truly exquisitely written novels that never went any further, despite my earnest recommendations. This seemed particularly true for the literary agent, although I believe the agent was only accommodating the prevailing trend rather than actively participating in setting it. It should be noted that, by the time books made it to The Book of the Month Club for consideration, presumably what I would have considered the best had already been weeded out.


It has since become clear to me that there is a wealth of truly remarkable writings by People of African Descent out there which should be made available to the public. Truegalu is our attempt to achieve this goal. It takes Truagalu--true gall*--to buck the establishment.”


Let us know how we're doing!


--The Publisher

​Info@Truegalulcom for questions


​*Galu is a Papua New Guinea word meaning "gall".


(Oct 14, 2015) Gregory V. Boulware said:


Interesting 'Moxie!'


Best regards,






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