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Elizabeth Foshee's Comments

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At 8:11pm on April 1, 2014, Eric Robert Nolan said…

Oh -- sorry, I forgot -- here is a link to my blog, so that you can see my entry about "Dark Delights."  :-)

At 8:07pm on April 1, 2014, Eric Robert Nolan said…

Ms. Foshee,

I just wanted to let you know that I am having great fun with "Dark Delights," and I really enjoyed the sample chapter for "The World Behind the World."  I've shared links to your site (and 4-LAN's book review)  via my blog, as well as my various social media accounts (Facebook, Google +, Tumblr, etc.).

Very nice work!  In my blog entry, I mentioned how your novel pleasantly reminded me of Steve Niles' work.  Your storytelling also makes me think of the wonderful Dave Wellington, of whom I am a big fan.  (You should check out his work if you have not done so already.)

You've done such a great job with your website.  Mine is a bit static by comparison.  At some point I may ask for pointers from you about web design.

Keep up the good work! :-)

At 6:12pm on April 1, 2014, 4-LAN said…

Hi Elizabeth!

Reposted my book review of The World Behind the World with new features added!

Hope you like :-)

At 3:05pm on April 1, 2014, 4-LAN said…

Hey Elizabeth!

I just finished reading your latest version of The World Behind the World. This is by far the best one yet! :-)

Also, I just came from your website. Wow! You've been busy since last I was there :-)

Very HORROR! now :-)

I like the name Dark Delights-very cool :-)

I just read your horror short, Guardian of the Way. Me likes :-)

Okay, gonna get back to your other Dark Delights :-)

At 10:57am on March 31, 2014, Elizabeth Foshee said…

Check out my newest tale of terror at Twisted Tidbits

At 8:27pm on March 28, 2014, 4-LAN said…

Congrats on winning the contest! :-) That is outstanding news! Was this the one that you had to write about Pennywise the scary clown face?

I am very happy for you.

I will check out your last three short stories that you have put up on your site since last I visited it :-) I hope to do that on Sunday morning while I am listening to Resurrection Sunday.

Tonight we got Thor 2 on Blue Ray-so it is movie time :-)

Hope you guys are having a great weekend,


At 11:05am on February 22, 2014, 4-LAN said…

Sure thing, Elizabeth!

Hope you get a little traffic from the review :-)

I have yet to put it up on Amazon-where it will, no doubt, do you the most good.

I did promote you all over this site-well, my blog review of your book :-P

I also plugged you on Twitter and Google +

Hope it helps!

Best regards,

4-LAN :-D

At 10:22am on February 21, 2014, 4-LAN said…

What I am reading

Hey Elizabeth, come check out the latest edition of What I Am Reading-my blog here on TBMN. 

This week's edition featuring The World Behind the World by Elizabeth Foshee!

At 10:01am on February 18, 2014, 4-LAN said…

Come check out the map of planet Draconos on my page! 

Marilyn helped me get it on this site yesterday :-)

Figured it would be a good reference for you since you are getting into the thick of things in Blood and Fire :-D

At 10:19pm on February 17, 2014, Elizabeth Foshee said…

To read "Death Pays a Visit" the latest short story, drop by the Story Corner.

At 9:06am on February 15, 2014, 4-LAN said…

I'm sure she will be glad to hear it.

I did enjoy Shades of Gray very much-but, then again, I love vampire stories :-)

I did appreciate that though there is a little bit of romance-she did not make it a vampire romance novel.

It is much more about the hierarchy of the vampire subculture. Sure, Katelina and Jorick are the main characters, and the story definitely revolves around them, but Joleene refrains from turning Shades of Gray into another Twilight.

I hope that you get to read it eventually :-)

At 8:31am on February 13, 2014, 4-LAN said…
4-LAN, a customer just told us your review was helpful to them while shopping on Amazon.
Shades of Gray
5.0 out of 5 stars
What I am reading
February 10, 2014
At 10:56pm on February 9, 2014, Joleene Naylor said…

That's very true! if you put out crap then crap is what you get back - that's why I am always encouraging people to edit, edit, edit. Editing is boring but so important. I have read some books that I know could have been really amazing had they just edited the typos (though a couple will always slip through, even in the traditionally pubbed books) and pared down some of their sentences/paragraphs/pointless sections that made things drag. I always think that if I don't cut at least 20,000 words from the novel's rough draft that I have not edited enough (I am long winded if you can't tell, LOL!) 

You're right, though, it is also important to like what you write, too, and to be proud of it, and you should be :) Still have my fingers crossed for your contest!

At 8:57am on February 6, 2014, Elizabeth Foshee said…

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping warm! For all the new folks, welcome to Book Marking Network. Drop me a line saying hello. I'm friendly :)

At 6:41pm on January 30, 2014, Joleene Naylor said…

Thanks! I will have to check your weebly page out :D Also enjoy finding new writers.

There is something freeing about sharing one's writing with the world, but scary, too. I know I always worry when someone says "I'm reading your book" because I just *know* they will hate it, LOL!

I have some freebie short stories on smashwords, B&N etc, and also on my blog, let me find the link - - you have to scroll down a bit as there are some "now on.." posts at the top :p

At 2:18pm on January 29, 2014, Joleene Naylor said…

Well fingers crossed ;) Wow - a story a day? You are prolific! I wish I could do that. I take too long staring at the monitor and dithering ;)

Yep! It's a vampire series, which is a lot of fun to do. sadly the huge following hasn't happened yet, but maybe one day ;) 

At 7:28pm on January 27, 2014, Joleene Naylor said…

good luck on your short story competition :)

At 12:18pm on January 27, 2014, Elizabeth Foshee said…

Will we turn into monsters if we give in to our darker emotions? Find out in my latest short story!

At 5:52pm on January 22, 2014, 4-LAN said…


Don't worry about King's toes. There big enough that even if you took a sledgehammer to them, I doubt he would feel a thing :-O

As for your short story, it was very creepy. Which is to say...AWESOME!

Not much critiquing I can do there. I know that we will be seeing your works appear in some sort of horror magazine or book of horror shorts.

I wonder...does Fangoria ever print horror short stories in their magazine. That is where your stuff belongs :-)

I have this book titled Horrors! 365 Scary Stories. And the little captioning underneath says 'Get Your Daily Dose Of Terror'. Most of the stories are only 2 to three pages long. Any or all of your shorts would be a perfect compliment to a compilation such as that.

At 8:42pm on January 21, 2014, 4-LAN said…


Just got done reading The Face In The Window. Wow! You have a seriously disturbing imagination-I love it!

You know, its funny-the description of that face matches the image DM put a couple of comments below. 

That looks remarkably like Pennywise from IT!

Your short stories are so great because you manage to go from 0 to demented in the course of a couple of paragraphs. 

I love your sick mind :-)

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