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At 3:12pm on March 1, 2011, Brenda Joyce Hoffman said…
Writings of the Mystery of the Universes: Book Two channeled by Beverly J. Thompson
We are undergoing physical, spiritual and emotional changes on a daily basis - all created by us to move beyond the third dimension. Our perceptions of what was and what will be are shifting - frightening to some and exhilarating to others.
Beverly J. Thompson has created a masterpiece, Writings of the Mystery of the Universes: Book Two, which allows us to put the pieces together into a cohesive and loving whole: Gaia's evolution, humanity's changes, as well as the assistance of those who helped create our earth. Book Two highlights the complete divinity of our being, and that everything, or all, is connected.
Unlike A Prophecy Fulfilled, book one of the Writings of the Mystery of the Universes series, Book Two addresses our current knowledge, the shifts within our beings, Gaia and the Universes. And how all are uniting to create a New Earth of peace and harmony. This easy-to-read book defines our courage as we move to a new life that features those aspects of ourselves we have kept hidden for eons. It serves as a loving road map throughout our encounters with new entities, dimensions and experiences. A must read for anyone who wishes to understand our New Earth and our powerful creator god capabilities.
Reviewed by Brenda Hoffman scribe of the international classic book, A Glimpse of Your Future. She also channels a free weekly blog and 15-minute radio show, Creation Energies, both available on her website - Life Tapestry
At 10:19am on February 16, 2011, Brenda Joyce Hoffman said…

Writings of the Mystery of the Universes: A Prophecy Fulfilled channeled by Beverly J. Thompson

What an amazing and inspiring journey! Beverly Thompson’s channels take us to hidden documents and treasures throughout the world - allowing us glimpses of how the earth and Universe formed, as well as our inner power and creation skills.

This 240-page book jogs our deeply sealed memories. Perhaps some of you will be intrigued by the bits and pieces about physics, color harmonies or how Gaia is evolving. Or you may be moved to tears, as I was, remembering one of my homes – The Book of Turban – that is no more.  

Each chapter lightly explores a different part of our being and Universe. Writings of the Mystery of the Universe: A Prophecy Fulfilled prepares us for information about the New Age. A tantalizing book that encourages us to anticipate the more in-depth knowledge divulged in Writings of the Mystery of the Universes: Books Two and Three.


Brenda Hoffman, channeler of the classic book A Glimpse of Your Future, also channels a free weekly blog for Life Tapestry and a show, Creation Energies.

At 11:56am on February 19, 2009, Bert Martinez said…
Hello, I'm Bert Martinez, I'm looking to network with success minded authors. If you would like my free report 30 Strategies for Selling More Books just fill out the form below. I look forward to networking with you and if there is anything that I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.

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At 10:56pm on August 4, 2008, Aidana WillowRaven said…

This is I think the largest book marketing site on ning (the largest I have found anyway, and I am on 109 nings).

I wanted to say hi and let you know about the sales I am having at my website at the moment.

Talk later,

Aidana WillowRaven
At 6:18am on August 4, 2008, Beverly J. Thompson said…
Thank you for your interest. I will let you know if and when I have interest with your company. I do have a website and I am promoting my book through my website as well as through amazon. com and others.
At 11:08am on June 24, 2008, Beverly J. Thompson said…
Hi Gary, you ask about what or who is the source of the channeled material in my book. My book is a prophecy fulfilled and I came to the conclusion that I fulfilled my own prophecy, bringing forth the material to assist with the awakening of humanity, so we begin to understand who and what we are as humanity. Outside of my higher self as a part of this process, I worked with a master whom I call Sananda. So when I sat down to channel another writing (or book as the writings are called), I did not know what was to come through until I let the words, emotions, visions, or whatever present themselves. You have written the comment by Einstein, and indeed, the Universe or Universes are stranger than us humans can imagine. Our Earth and humanity are changing and a quote from my book says that we are moving into "an age of science of the divine." We are living in such an exciting time.
At 12:23pm on June 21, 2008, Gary Val Tenuta said…
Hello Beverly -
Thanks for visiting my website ( and for the positive feedback! Yes, my novel, The Ezekiel Code, does weave together a wide range of esoteric ideas, that's for sure. The book was 10 years in the making. Whew! I can't believe I actually stuck with a single project for such a long period of time. How unlike me! :-) My lady friend, Julie (to whom the book is dedicated), says I was "guided" from the beginning. I don't know. I do know there were several "synchronisities" that occurred over those years that helped bring the story together. So, who knows? I'm reminded of something Albert Einstien once said. I'll paraphrase: "The Universe is not only stranger than we imagine. It is stranger than we CAN imagine."

The story behind your own book, Mystery of the Universes, is intriguing. What (or who) do you suppose was the source of the information for your channeled material?

Warm Wishes,
Gary Val Tenuta

At 11:20am on April 18, 2008, Sabriena Williams said…
Thank you for responding to the invite. Looking forward to finding out more about your projects....
At 8:35pm on April 12, 2008, Jo Fulkerson said…
I'm having trouble with my current website and I'm building a new one. I will send out an email when it is ready. So give me a few days to get it all accomplished. Thanks.
At 5:08pm on April 11, 2008, Jo Fulkerson said…
I wanted to leave a Friend Request but the lilnk wasn't there.
At 12:05pm on April 8, 2008, Elysabeth Eldering said…
wow - we are practically neighbors. I go to Greenville about three times a month for various meetings - the two SCWW writing group meetings (when I can get to the first one, but definitely one) and the Sisters in Crime meeting - Maybe you would like to join us sometime.

The SCWW - website is - meets on the first Thursday and third Tuesday of the month; we get feedback on writing and then do some socialization.

Sisters in Crime meets the fourth Thursday of the month. We have guest speakers every month - usually an "expert" in a field that mystery writers could use some factual information from in their writings or an author.

Both meet at The Open Book on Pleasantburg Drive (catty corner from the old McAlister's Mall where the light turns in that little loop where the theater is) -- You are welcome to check them out and join if you would like.

Nice meeting you online - thanks for stopping by - see you in the postings - E :)
At 2:19pm on April 7, 2008, Author & Book Promotions said…
Hi Beverly,

Welcome to BMN! I look forward to networking with you.


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