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At 9:25pm on June 07, 2015, 4-LAN gave albertasequeira a gift
Alberta, thank you so much for participating in this week's book review. I hope you will join us again :-)
At 1:13pm on June 18, 2013, Steven Clark Bradley said…

Thank you Alberta, You are so kind! I am so happy you are pleased with my work. You gave me everything I needed to get it just right! I will pleased to post it here and happy to be a part of your excellent writing and your important book! God bless you! - Steven

At 4:02pm on December 6, 2011, Fernando Sobenes said…

Hello Alberta. My name is Fernando Sobenes and I want to invite you to read the prologue and the first two chapters of my novel: "The Evil Visitor" in my blog The Evil Visitor

Also you can watch the book trailer.

Best regards,


At 7:35am on May 4, 2011, Shawna Savage-Yaroch said…

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well. Please accept my apologies for staying away for so long. School, work, book promoting and writing has kept me busy. I am currently working on a new book which requires a lot of travel and hours of recorded interviews. I am working on a formal book proposal to be submitted to a NY literary agent upon their request and I have had a terrible time finding the time to craft this proposal. Making my "day job" the priority has been a difficult decision and a source of time and stress. Hope to post more often in the future.


At 7:42am on April 18, 2011, Joan H. Young said…
HI Alberta- my dad was an alcoholic, although that didn't kill him (smoking did). Wow... what a pair of books. Not a cheerful way to find subject matter, though.
At 9:41am on April 30, 2010, Elizabeth Bennett said…
Hi Alberta, don't worry about it. We all get busy. Glad you are progressing in your works. Have a great weekend!

Take Care,
At 3:41pm on November 20, 2009, Gary Eby said…
I am also a therapist and addiction counselor. Hope we can be friends. Author of The Eby Way.....Gary.
At 8:58am on August 18, 2009, Shawna Savage-Yaroch said…
Your story hits a heart string with me and "demon" is the proper word for alcoholism. Which is exactly why I titled my book "Demons among Us." I have watched this demon take the people I love away my entire life it brings me much sadness. They leave such victims and despair in their wake. Currently I am researching and writing about the probability that our loved ones my be under a force such as demon influence and that IS the reason the 12 step program only works if a higher power is embraced.
At 10:49pm on July 19, 2009, DragonCub said…
Hello Albertasequeira,

I'll appreciate if you check out DragonCub – ( A brand new online bookstore ) at

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Looking forward.
At 9:34am on July 19, 2009, Paradise said…
I have copied your comment here and well send to to people who might be interested in your book and to people I know with the A disease. As we go through life, we are sought out be many demons and we must always be on guard against intrusions into our subconscious. Once the demon resides within, it is virtually impossible to get rid of it. Keep in touch. I am off to post your comment. Dr M
PS, you can see some of my various writings by a Google search, "Dr Robert E McGinnis" and please include the quotation marks. Should you be interested in writing for an Internet source, check out and your word might spread a little faster.
At 5:59pm on July 18, 2009, Paradise said…
You have chosen a great challenge, but one worthy of attention. I wish you all the best.

Dr Robert E McGinnis
At 9:28pm on July 9, 2009, Earl Sewell said…
You book sounds so interesting. My dad was and still is an alocholic. Gets up and the first thing he needs a drink he calls A Smiley. He was a verbally abusive guy, especially when he drank. I don't know how my mother put up with him but by the time I was 21 I left home and never looked back. Today he still drinks but I'm in my 40's now and don't give a rats ass anymore--but somehow I learned to forgive him and move forward with my life. I don't drink never have and never will. Anyway, I know what it's like growing up with an alocholic
At 11:12am on February 18, 2009, Bert Martinez said…
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At 11:53am on October 30, 2008, Author101 said…
I'm sooo very happy for you. It's a big time in your life, enjoy it! Please keep me updated, okay?
At 8:19am on June 2, 2008, Yvonne Perry said…
Jerry Simmon's interview about his book What Writers Need to Know about Publishingwill be posted on my blog. Here is the link to listen on or after June 6
At 5:41am on May 30, 2008, albertasequeira said…
I'll let you know when the search for a publisher arrives.
At 10:44pm on May 29, 2008, Author & Book Promotions said…
Thanks for keeping me posted; your book sounds quite the read! It seems like it will be a good one.

Nice hearing from you.

At 1:14pm on April 16, 2008, Author & Book Promotions said…
Hi Alberta,

Thanks for the note! I look forward to learning about your new book.

At 7:41am on April 10, 2008, albertasequeira said…
Hi Jo,

The sad part of promoting, marketing and advertising is that an author never knows if it helped them. I've advertised in a newspaper out of the US and still don't know if it's selling. I have to wait for the royalties to show growth.

I was thrilled that someone from Australia bought a book after I had spent $100 (it's not cheap) to advertise in The Catholic Weekly newspaper in Australia. It was just one person but word of mouth is a great step toward people knowing who you are. I do know one thing: an author has to be seen and heard from to get themselves and their books known.

You don't have to be chatty to get noticed. Leave your seat at a book signing and give someone walking by a nice, warm smile, a gentle handshake introducing yourself, offering a business card (with maybe a discount on it) and the actions will do the talking. SHOW people what they can get with their purchase or tell them what your book can offer them. The more signings you do, the more comfortable you will get with them.

I want to tell you about a poor author and a rich one. I'm sorry if others have already heard this from me.

A Poor Author: one who depends on "only" book signings and get their books into a bookstore. We all know that a book can get into a bookstore and never move. I have one such bookstore that this is happening to me.

(Jo, check into the organizations in your town who run drug programs. See what you can do to sell your books at their meetings, group gatherings, etc.)

A Rich Author: one who looks deep within themselves and see what else they have to offer. Example: I had my first private speaking engagement at an alcoholic rehab because of my second book (not completed yet) Please, God, Not Two. I have future plans to go into schools and other AA locations. I became an instructor for Beginning Writer Workshops in libraries and two Learning Centers. Am I rich....far from it. But, I'm trying.

There are other things that authors can do. Can you get together with another author to give a class on whatever your book is about? Share the expense for a booth with another author at fairs, etc. Join writer groups in bookstores to connect with authors who can lead you in great directions from their experiences. They may know of someone who can help you with sales. Readers want something in return for getting your book. I've started to advertise my book on my site for $2 off the regular price $19.95 with no shipping charge.

There are so many different directions to take. Enter Award program from internet sites ( or, etc) I came out as a Semi-Finalist receiving the Reviewers Choice Award 2008. I didn't win but I received a certificate as a Semi-Finalist (out of 2,000 authors that had entered) and I can proudly put it up on my wall. Maybe, just maybe this award might open doors.

I don't mean to make this so long. I'm trying to let everyone know the different ways to get noticed. Some authors are very happy just writing the book. Others want to get known. It's hard, depressing, exhausting efforts trying. In other words, only you can get it done.

At 9:48pm on April 9, 2008, Jo Fulkerson said…
Thank you so much for your suggestions. Even though I am not really as chatty with strangers as I need to be, I am working on some of the suggestions already.

As for doing signings, do those really work well? I have heard comments from other writers pro and con and I just wondered if it wouldn't be more detrimental to have a book signing and very few people show up. A writer friend of mine did a book signing here a few years ago and it was pretty well attended, I thought. I am definitely considering this.

Again, thanks for the suggestions and your consideration. I definitely do appreciate it.

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